NBU104 Giraffe Bone Scales

Approximate Minimum size: 1.2" x 4.5" x 0.20" *Photo is just an example of possible colors and patterns.*

*Can NOT ship outside of the United States*

Price: $32.40
JSED1 LCD Digital Caliper

Stainless steel hardened frame with graduated scale and thumb roll. 4-way measurement: inside, outside, depth, step. Accuracy .001 per 6". Has a large LCD display window for easy reading. Inch/metric conversion or reading at the switch of a button. Gunsmith measuring.

Price: $38.95
Knife - Chuko Chef Damascus Cutlery Blade HD503 Chuko Chef

The small Chef blade is one of the most versatile knives you can own.

Price: $54.95
MI990 9 pcs (1 each color) Fiber Spacing Material

A vulcanized fiber material used to cushion between the tang and handle material. Add one or more colored sections for contrast. This thin material will help you create an effect just right for the blade and handle material you choose.

Each piece is 5" x 10" x .030" thick.

Price: $9.95
Ken Jantz - founder of Jantz Supply - working on prototype for a new product.