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Pre-shaped blades make your knife making project easy. Hardened and Tempered, ready for you to create a handle, and add features such as file work, engraving, etching, carving, Mosaic pins and inlays add beauty as well as value to your completed knife.
Jantz Blades Folder Kits
See the latest designs and steel offerings in blades manufactured by Jantz Supply here in the USA!
Let us get you started on a high quality folding knife.
Kitchen Cutlery Blades Hunting, Fillet, Tactical, More
Kitchen knives are used in every household.
Find the best knife for your next sport outing or hunt.
JANTZ Patterns - Made in the USA
MADE IN USA by Jantz Supply in our newly equipped Davis, Oklahoma manufacturing facility.
Pre-shaped Blades make your knife making project fast, fun and easy!