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Make your Knife project easy and beautiful with our pre-shaped Blades! comes hardened and ready for handles, filework, or engraving.
  • Damascus Blades

    Damascus blades provide the opportunity to give your custom knife a little eye catching flare with it's multiple blade designs intertwined in the steel.
  • Flat Tang Blades

    Flat tang blades offer numerous opportunities for customization of the blade and overall knife design. Jantz offers numerous styles including hunters, clip point, drop point, ultra lite, fighters, bowies and many more!
  • Folder Kits and Parts

    Folding knives can be found here
  • Hidden Tang Blades

    Customizing your next hidden tang starts with our wide selection of shapes and sizes. Use your favorite block of wood or exotic horn handle material to make a knife all your own.
  • Indian Ridge Traders

    The Indian Ridge Trader (IRT) trade mark assures quality blades Made in the USA. Perfect for hunters, fishermen, campers, and chefs. These Classic Designs date back to the 1800's when a knife or two was used for everything.
  • Letter Openers

    Letter openers, add a bit of desk decoration, or make someone a beautiful and practical gift.
  • Russell Green River Blades

    Made in the USA by Russell Green River - the Green River Camp blades were originally designed for pioneers crossing the West
  • ULU Blades

    Originally developed with blades of rock or bone by the Eskimo.
  • Kitchen Cutlery Blades

    Each piece is designed and crafted with the kitchen in mind. We have cutlery for the professional and home chef. A perfect gift item for weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions.
  • Knife Kits

    Our custom knife kits are thoughtfully put together with the materials you need to get started making knives.
  • JANTZ Patterns - Made in the USA

    MADE IN USA by Jantz Supply in our newly equipped Davis, Oklahoma
    manufacturing facility using only the best cutlery grade steels
    available. Each blade is cryogenically quenched during the heat treating
    process for optimal edge holding capabilities.  Patterns 41-45 are
    designed for paracord wrapped handle.