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All the tools you need to make knives can be found here, whether it be for measuring, drilling, tightening, or cleaning
Counterbores Countersinks
Zero Flute, Five Flute and Hand Countersinks
Dies Drills
High Carbon Steel up to 1/4"
fractional, numbered, lettered, and short lengths
End Mills Files
Two and Four Flute End Mills
Files to add designs to your blades and bolsters, and rasps to shape wooden handles.
Hand Tools Marking Tools
Handheld tools for detailed work
Tools for making your mark on a blade
Measuring Tools Reamers
Rulers, Calipers, and edge finders
Straight Flute and Pin Reamers
Rotary Tools and Accessories Saw Frames and Blades
Rotary tools for smaller grinding applications and deburring.
Saw frames and blades for cutting and shaping materials.
Taps Tools You Need
Tools for knifemaking
Vises Workholding
Keep your work steady with a vise!
vises and blocks to hold pins, and a file guide