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Instructional DVDs on knifemaking skills
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VL110 The Loveless Legend by R.W. Loveless & Jim Merritt

Inside secrets and tips of knifemaking are revealed for the first time in this groundbreaking video. The process of creating a bench made knife using the stock removal method. Each step is demonstrated clearly. Learn custom knifemaking from the true master as he shares his expertise and talks in depth about his philosophy of design and his total commitment to making the finest knife possible. DVD, 95 minutes.

Price: $18.95
VL125 Kit Knife 1:Tapered Tang Hunter by Gene Osborn

Step by step instructions give expert tips on how to transform a simple knife kit into a one of a kind workable piece of art. Learn to make a custom creation from your Flat tang knife kit. A must for the beginner, demonstrated in graphic detail. 50 min DVD

Price: $32.95
VL101 Fine Are of Hollow Grinding DVD

The finer points of hollow grinding. Techniques and secrets on one of the most important aspects of knifemaking. Johnny grinds both fixed blades and folders in this spectacular video. A “must have” for the beginner and professional knifemaker. 89 minutes DVD.
By Johnny Stout

Price: $33.95
VL106 Basic Bladesmithing by Ed Caffrey

This video shows methods using a forge, a hydraulic press, and a power hammer. If you are a beginner, it will help you develop the foundation necessary for forging your own blades. For those familiar with the forge, Eds methods help enhance the quality of your work. 75 min. DVD

Price: $33.95
VL116 Flat Grinding by Harvey Dean

The most popular grind for working knives is the Flat Grind. Harvey Dean, a Mastersmith and teacher, demonstrates his methods of flat grinding perfect blades. Learn geometry, checkpoints, and repair methods needed to grind flat blades with success. One hour 45 minutes DVD

Price: $33.95
VL201 Beginning Scrimshaw DVD

Beginning Scrimshaw DVD with Sandra Brady. Starts with the basics of materials, scribe sharpening, transferring designs, hand etching, machine etching, how to work in line and how to work in stipple. Tips and tools that will help you learn and improve on your techniques and style for both beginners & the more advanced in scrimshaw.

Price: $38.95
VL202 Scrimshaw Techniques DVD

Scrimshaw Techniques DVD: Advancing to color with Sandra Brady. The second in the series. After you have mastered black and white scrimshaw you will learn about using color pigments, creating realistic textures, how to transition through colors, and more.Segments on various materials that can be scrimshawed, cutting, shaping and polishing ivory as well as troubleshooting tips. The progressive techniques taught are sure to elevate even advanced work to the next level.

Price: $38.95
VL118 Frontier Holsters

Join Chuck Burrows in his second video as he creates two classic Old West Holsters, the Mexican Loop and the California Slim Jim. From patterns to applying the final finish, Chuck shares his techniques on how to stamp, carve, sew and dye your leather projects. This video will give the beginner the skills to complete their own holsters and reach a more professional level with their leather projects. 2-Dics DVD, 3 hours 46 minutes.

Price: $39.95
VL102 Fileworking by Dwayne Dushane

Learn fileworking from the master. Go step-by-step through 3 designs, the S pattern, Vine pattern and Rope pattern, easy to follow steps. Learn to embellish your knives with inexpensive tools such as files. Discover techniques that will make your work look more professional while giving you the knowledge to complete projects of your own. 2 hours, DVD.

Price: $39.95
VL117 Electrolysis of Metalworking by Bob Warner

Bob Warner teaches you the secrets to building your own anodizer, electro-etcher, and gold plating machine. You will gain the knowledge to enhance and color your own titanium used commonly for bolsters and liners. Embellish your work by putting multiple colors on one piece of metal using different techniques and patterns. Both seasoned and amateur metalworkers can use this knowledge to achieve a professional finishing touch to any metal project. Make custom stencils and do your own electro-etching. Bob teaches you to step-by-step how to build a light box for making stencils, and how to use it. Also learn the basics needed to put gold plating on copper. 1 hr 31 min. DVD

Price: $39.99
VL127 Kit Knife 3: Lockback Folder by Gene Osborn

If you are ready to make a pocket knife, but arent ready to grind a blade from scratch, a kit knife is the solution. A kit knife is a stepping stone for your knife making skills. Turn an inexpensive kit knife into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Step-by- step, learn the finer points of the craft including some handy file work techniques. 79 min. DVD

Price: $41.95
VL126 Kit Knife 2: Hidden Tang Hunter by Gene Osborn

From start to finish, guides you through the process of putting together a hidden tang knife. Learn secrets from experts on ways to create and securing the handle. 60 minutes DVD

Price: $41.95
VL104 Custom Knife Sheaths DVD

Step by step instructions for making a Hunter and Mexican Loop Sheath, a Snakeskin Inlay. Expert techniques on stamping and carving. Learn from start to finish how to make custom knife sheaths. Methods that make your work professional while giving beginners the knowledge to complete leather projects. DVD, 3 hours 55 minutes.

Price: $43.95
VL108 Mosaic Damascus by Ed Caffrey

Learn the most common Mosaic Damascus patterns. Designed to be easy to understand, allows you to take the next logical step towards producing your own Mosaic Damascus. For advanced knifemakers, shows methods using a forge and a hydraulic press. Learn to create a radial pattern, basket weave pattern, jelly roll pattern and how to do an accordion fold. Provides a recap of tools, safety, and etching. 1 hour 49 min DV

Price: $43.95
VL122 Making a Slip Joint Knife by Weldon Whitley

Obtain the secrets of making your own slip joint knife. Step by step process of making beautiful slip joint knives. Weldon Whitley has 36 years of experience as a machinist which he applied his skills to knifemaking. Weldon has been custom crafting knives for over 30 years. What as this master brings his dedication of detail and craftsmanship home to you. 3 hour 45 min 2 disc set. DVD

Price: $43.95
VL115 Forge Welding Damascus by Gene Osborn

Go step by step through the process of forge welding cable Damascus. Learn techniques that will allow you to �work smarter, not harder�. Learn the secrets needed to turn an ordinary piece of steel cable into a striking Damascus billet or blade. DVD Two disc set 123 minutes

Price: $43.95
VL107 Making Sub-Hilt Fighter by S.R. Johnson

Join Steve Johnson as he takes you from beginning to end in the creation and customization of a sub-hilt fighter. Pictorials give you a feel of what you can accomplish. Tips on free hand grinding, soldering guards, machine polishing and methods of obtaining a beautiful fit and finish. DVD two disc set 3 hours 48 minutes

Price: $43.95
VL121 The Locking Liner by D. Robinson

Obtain the secrets of making folding knives for yourself. Watch Robinson create this Barlow style locking liner knife. From prints to polish, watch as raw materials are transformed into cutlery art in this instructional video. Provides all the insight and instructions to assist you in constructing your own folding/locking Barlow pocket knife. DVD, 4 hours.

Price: $44.95
VL120 Quillion of Quality by Jerome Anders

American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith Jerome Anders teaches you the finer points of making the Quillion dagger. In this video you will learn the proper way to flute handles, and the forming of the quills and how to make them equal on each side. Also, a clamshell was added just for good measure. Learn the fit up and finishing techniques that will help you to pass your A.B.S. Quillion test with confidence. 3 hour 6 min DVD

Price: $44.95
VL128 Making a D-Guard by Harvey Dean

Harvey Dean specializes in Civil War era knife designs including his famous D-Guards. Discover how watching his easy to follow methods will improve your knifemaking skills. You will conclude that Harvey enjoys his craft as much as he enjoys teaching about it. This video is a must-have for knifemakers, collectors, or enthusiasts in edged art and history. 3 hrs 13 min. 2 disc DVD

Price: $59.95
VL105 Knifemaking Home Workshop by Wally Hayes

Learn the basic skills of knifemaking. How to turn your workshop into a functional knife shop for less than $250. A complete course in knifemaking, including profiling, grinding, differentially heat-treating, embellishing your blade with filework, crafting Kydex sheaths, polishing your blade to a mirror finish, attaching a slab handle and doing a Japanese cord-wrapped handle. The complete construction of two knives � a chisel-ground tanto-style neck knife and a flat-ground utility/ hunting knife. DVD, 150 minutes.

Price: $69.95
VL131 The Art of Knife Photography VOL 1 by Eric Eggly

Volume 1 - Shooting Fundamentals: Tips and techniques for capturing stunning images. Explore lighting techniques, basic camera settings and lens selections.

The Art of Knife Photography Volumes 1 and 2 are available as a set of 2 DVDs

Price: $77.95
VL132 The Art of Knife Photography VOL 2 by Eric Eggly

Volume 2 - Adobe Foundations: Tips and techniques using Adobe Photoshop and other imaging software. Learn to achieve perfect color balance and create simple double exposures. Designed to give you the basic tools to transform your images.

The Art of Knife Photography Volumes 1 and 2 are available as a set of 2 DVDs

Price: $77.95
VL133 The Art of Knife Photography SET - VOL 1 & 2 by Eric Eggly

Volume 1 - Shooing Fundamentals: Tips and techniques for capturing stunning images. Explore lighting techniques, basic camera settings and lens selections.

Volume 2 - Adobe Foundations: Tips and techniques using Adobe Photoshop and other imaging software. Learn to achieve perfect color balance and create simple double exposures. Designed to give you the basic tools to transform your images.

The Art of Knife Photography Volumes 1 (VL131) and 2 (VL132) are available individually.

Price: $148.95