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Books containing guides and instructions for different knifemaking skills.
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BOH602 Lacing and Stitching

A great little book for beginners.

Price: $4.95
BOH601 How to Lace

158 illustrations, dozens of hints and tips.

Price: $4.95
BOH610 Braiding & Lacing for Fun

Learn the round braid, square braid, the loop knot, overbraid, lanyards, and decorative lacing.

Price: $4.95
BOH607 ABC's of Leatherwork

Learn to use a swivel knife, stamp, dye, finish, lace and more.

Price: $5.95
DBFCB Fundamentals of Checkering

Basic instructions in the art of checkering including proper selection and use of tool.

Price: $5.95
BOK403 How to Scrimshaw and Carve Ivory

Covers the basic techniques of scrimshaw, definitely a must for the beginner.

Price: $7.95
BOK404 Learning To Scrimshaw

The history, tools and knowledge of scrimshaw is discussed.

Price: $9.50
Leather Crafting: An ideal introduction to leather crafting, carving, lacing and dyeing BOH608 Leather Crafting

An ideal introduction to leather crafting, carving, lacing, dyeing and more.

Price: $9.95
BOK105 Knife Repair & Restoration

This book takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about repairing a knife.

Price: $9.95
BOK101 How To Make Knives

The bible of knife-making.

Price: $11.95
BOK130 Sharpening and Knife Making

Explains  sharpening techniques for woodcarving tools and knives.

Price: $11.95
BOK406 Advanced Scrimshaw

A Step-by-step guide for scrimshaw tools, patterns, inking, and inlays. A training manual for studio apprentices.

Price: $12.95
BOH603 Leatherwork Manual

A must for the beginner and professional.

Price: $14.95
ST1700 The Starrett Book For Students

Reference book for the student machinist. Mechanical drawing, measurements, cutting speed, cutting fluids, drilling, lathe operations, grinding, metal sawing, tool-making. Easy to understand. 160 pages, 200 diagrams, illustrations, reference tables.

Price: $14.95
BOK117 $50 Knife Shop

step-by-step instructions on making tools.

Price: $15.95
BOH604 Hand Sewing Leather

Secrets of stitching and tool handling are revealed by this master.

Price: $16.95
BOSCK Custom Knifemaking

Learn to cut, heat treat and finish a knife. Included are several guards, bolsters, ferrules, handles and blade designs.

Price: $17.96
BOH609 Leathercraft Tools

This complete guide helps you with the proper selection, use and care of tools.

Price: $19.95
BOH606 Art of Making Leather Cases

A step-by-step book, filled with illustrations and detailed instructions on making cases of leather.

Price: $19.95
BOK501 Paracord Fusion Ties Book - VOL. 1

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Price: $19.95
BOK502 Paracord Fusion Ties Book - VOL. 2

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions, he will show you how to create spherical ties, bars and bracelets, key fobs, medallions and more.

Price: $19.95
BORSSK Step-By-Step Knifemaking

The complete guide to making knives

Price: $19.97
BOK114 The Wonder of Knifemaking

Clear and precise answers on every aspect of knifemaking.  Tips and tricks of all skill levels.   (160 pages, Softcover, 200 photos)

Price: $22.95
BOK129 The Lockback Folding Knife

With this guide you can construct a lockback knife and gain the skills to create a lockback knife of your own design

Price: $23.95
BOK128 Basic Knife Making

Demonstrates basic bladesmithing.

Price: $23.95
BOK131 Pocketknife making for Beginners

Secrets of constructing a slip joint folding knife, which is held open by spring force and friction.

Price: $23.95
BOK405 Scrimshaw Techniques

A Step-by-step guide for scrimshaw tools, patterns, inking, and inlays. A training manual for studio apprentices.

Price: $26.95
BOK132 Fancy Knives

Explore handle decorating techniques, including engraving, etching, inlay, scrimshaw, and coloring.

Price: $26.95
BOK125 Blade's Guide to Making Knives

Tips from the experts on grinding blades, crafting hunting knives,
forging pattern welded steel, making folding knives, forging swords,
creating a tomahawk and making a bolster. 250 color illustrations 160
pages, paperback.

Price: $27.95
BOSCCG Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks

Filled with photographs and full sized line drawings of checkering and carving patterns.

Price: $29.99
BOK133 Contemporary Scrimshaw

With over 700 photos, this book provides instruction on carving and decorating beautiful scrimshaw.

Price: $38.95
BOP301 Complete Bladesmith

How to build your own forge, equip your workshop, choose your materials,
how to heat the steel, bending, twisting, folding, cutting and
stretching it.

Price: $39.95
BOP300 The Master Bladesmith

Revealing forging secrets that for centuries have been protected.

Price: $39.95
BOP302 The Pattern-Welded Blade

Beautiful illustrations of precise patterns and complex designs.

Price: $39.95
BOBAE The Art of Engraving

This book is a delight to anyone interested in engraving.

Price: $54.95