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Exotic materials from GiraffeBone.com! Jantz is the United States' Distributor for GiraffeBone.com's Exotic bone and wood handle materials. add a wild look to your knife with some bone handles.
Bone Cool Exotic Gift Ideas
What better way to make your project destinctive than throwing in a little exotic bone?
Check out these Unique Handmade Exotics!!
Giraffe Bone Horn - Flat Block Scales
Check out our selection of Giraffe Bone
Great for full tang knives and other dual sided projects!
Horn - Whole Jantz Select
Great for hidden tang projects and so much more!
Get a discount in pricing when you let us choose your one of a kind piece!

How does it work?
You simply select the type of exotic you want and our Jantz team takes care of the rest.
Leather and Skins Skulls
Dyed acrylic resin infused with natural animal products creates a singular look for any knife.
Get creative with your very own exotic skull. Great for scrimshaw and carving. The possibilities are endless!
Super Natural Warthog Tusks
Animal products, Seeds, and more infused with Resin
Wart Hog Tusk is an excellent material for a unique handle for small tang knives, letter openers and small flat tang knives. Wonderful for scrimshaw work and for unique artistry pieces