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Jantz has a large selection of drills to chose from, in many different sizes and types.
Carbide - Miscellaneous Center Drills
Miscellaneous Carbide Drill bits
Center drills for drill presses, Milling Machines, or Lathes
Cobalt Drills Counterbores
Cobalt Drill, split point
High speed steel counterbores are used in
knifemaking to counterbore bolsters for pivot pins on folder blades and
countersink the pivot pin screw heads. Counterbores are designed to cut
steel, aluminum, titanium, and other metals. Can also be used on wood,
Micarta, G10, and other handle materials to countersink the handle
fastener. Counterbores and pilots are sold separately to mix and match
for the pivot pin size needed for your project.
Drills - Metric High Speed Drill Sets
Metric width Drill bits
Jobber Length - Fractional Jobber Length - Lettered
Fractional Drills, Jobber Length
Lettered Drills, Jobber Length
Jobber Length - Numbered Short Length - Miscellaneous
Numbered Drills, Jobber Length
Miscellaneous Short Length Drill Bits