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Bengal Tiger Black Pearl
Bright orange with a bold and striking black pattern throughout make this handle material a bold choice for any knife.
Pearl black handles create a striking look
which captures and reflects light.  Use for whole handle or as an inlay
or decorative piece for striking contrast.
Blue Ice Blue Pearl
Deep blues and blacks swirled together to make an unique handle material
Variations of blue flow like shimmering water in this lovely blue pearl handle material.
Cyclone Desert Camo
Blues and Blacks with white streak will draw you into this handle material.
Perfect for military, tactical and hunting knives.  This Desert Camo can be polished to a high glow to really catch the eye.
Galaxy White Glow
Similar to White Pearl, this Kirinite™ includes reflective materials that glimmer and sparkle throughout the pattern.
Glow in the dark Kirinite™ creates a striking handle, inlay or decorative piece for your special knife.

Glow from fully "charged" lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Green Pearl Lava Flow
Pearl Green striations flow dark to light colors in this stunning handle material.
Red hot lava flows randomly through a black background creating a striking and fiery visual for any knife handle.
Oyster Pearl Patriot
Ivory and pink with gray and black accents, this handle material can help any piece look more elegant.
Show off your Red, White and Blue pride with Patriot Kirinite™.
Pepper Jade Purple Haze
Jade Green Kirinite™ makes an especially
distinctive knife handle with flecks and flakes of black "pepper"
coloration throughout.
Dark and Light purples with black makes for a beautiful, mysterious handle material.
Red Devil Red Pearl
Red with black streaks can help bring out the rebel side in any project.
Dark Red swirls compliment lighter streaks of red hues in this striking pearl handle material.
Royal Pearl Sun Spot
Pearlescent blue is the perfect backdrop for random streaks of canary yellow certain to capture the eye.
Reds, Oranges and Yellows can brighten any project.
Teal Toxic Green
Teal Kirinite Handle Materials
Your knife is sure to stand out with Toxic Green handles.  Use for the entire handle or as an inlay or decorative piece.
Toxic Orange Venom
If you are looking for an exotic and daring
knife handle - search no further.  Vivid orange with black striations in
random patterns.
The dark colors blended into the unique green
are particularly striking when light is captured and reflected back in
the polished Kirinite™.
Vivid Blue White Pearl
Dark blue and black with streaks of red make for a vivid handle material.
Pearl white shimmers and shines creating a
striking pure white handle or use as an inlay or decorative piece for
striking contrast.