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Each piece is designed and crafted of heavy stainless steel. A fork, knife, and spoon, plus the optional baby spoon makes it easy to make a set of dinnerware for each member of the family. A perfect gift item for weddings, anniversaries, new baby or many other special occasions. Easy-to-complete, stainless rivets are supplied with each piece, just choose your handle material and you are ready to make a set that will please everyone.
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Knife - Cumin Chef Cutlery Blade ZD102 Cumin Chef

Cut, chop, slice and dice with ease using this incredibly sharp chef knife. Our Cumin is 9 3/4" overall, 4 7/8" blade, 1 1/2" wide and 5/64" thick. Ten tang holes drilled for 1/16" pins, and five 7/32" center holes.

Price: $225.00