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Animal products, Seeds, and more infused with Resin
Banksia Pods Casuarina
Banksia Pods in Resin will add an individual touch to your next project!
Casuarina Pods in Resin makes for a one of a kind material. No two look identical, making every piece unique. Great for your next project!
Eland Bone Round Eucalyptus Globulus Wood
Eland Bone Rounds Set in Resin, Perfect for Hidden Tang Blades
Eucalyptus Globulus Wood infused with Resin
Giraffe Bone Ice Age Mosaics
Resin Infused Giraffe Bones and bone parts
Ice Age Mosaic pieces are each crafted to be unique and bring a one of a kind look to your next project.
Karee Burl Wood in Resin Kudu Bone
Resin infused Karee burl wood handle material
Resin infused Kudu Bones and bone parts
Molars in Resin Peperboom Wood in Resin
Molars in resin, great for full tang Blades
Beautiful Pepperboom wood in resin, comes in two parts, great for full tang blades
Pine Cone Ram's Horn
Natural Pine Cone Stablilized in Resin
Merino Ram's Horn in Colored Resin
Sea Shells Sickel Bush Pods
Sea Shells Collected and Set in Resin
Sickel Bush Pods in resin is an exciting new product that will make your next knife a one of a kind
Sneeze Wood Sparkle
Blocks of Sneezewood Stabilized in Resin
Blocks of Resin, infused with Aluminum to create a unique sparkling effect
Sweet Gum Pod Warthog
Use this Sweet Gum Pod scales material for your next project! This material is diverse in each piece never finding another matching set.
Warthog Tusks Set in Colored Resins, Cut into  Scales
Waterbuck Horn Wild Olive Wood
Waterbuck Horn Set in Resins, Great for hidden Tang Blades
This Exotic African wood is dense, and fine-grained. Infused with resin for stabilization, this adds an individual touch to any project.
Zebra Bone
Zebra Bone Set in resin, Polishes to a beautiful Shine