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BOH602 Lacing and Stitching

A great little book for beginners.

Price: $4.95
BOH601 How to Lace

158 illustrations, dozens of hints and tips.

Price: $4.95
BOH610 Braiding & Lacing for Fun

Learn the round braid, square braid, the loop knot, overbraid, lanyards, and decorative lacing.

Price: $4.95
BOH607 ABC's of Leatherwork

Learn to use a swivel knife, stamp, dye, finish, lace and more.

Price: $5.95
Leather Crafting: An ideal introduction to leather crafting, carving, lacing and dyeing BOH608 Leather Crafting

An ideal introduction to leather crafting, carving, lacing, dyeing and more.

Price: $9.95
BOH603 Leatherwork Manual

A must for the beginner and professional.

Price: $14.95
BOH604 Hand Sewing Leather

Secrets of stitching and tool handling are revealed by this master.

Price: $16.95
BOH609 Leathercraft Tools

This complete guide helps you with the proper selection, use and care of tools.

Price: $19.95
BOH606 Art of Making Leather Cases

A step-by-step book, filled with illustrations and detailed instructions on making cases of leather.

Price: $19.95