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C-TEK Kirinite™ Mammoth Bone
Resin infused aluminum honeycomb handle material. This makes for a cool and unique handle.
Kirinite™ combines durability and usability in one of the most stylish resin materials on the market.
G-10 Handle Material Mammoth Ivory Mammoth Tooth
A woven fiberglass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. Strong, durable, resistant to moister. Light weight, easy to work.
Real deal Mammoth Ivory makes for beautiful handles, jewelry, scrimshaw and more!
Mammoth Tooth is very brittle. Handle with care!
Fossilized Coral Musk Ox Axis Deer
Give your project the feel of the ocean with fossilized coral!
Beautiful and unique Musk Ox works great for any project!
Buffalo Horn Textured G10 Scales Textured Micarta Scales
Pick a G10 Scale Textured for your convenience!
Micarta is an easy material to work.
stabilized Genuine Mother Of Pearl Natural Wood
Hand selected for figure and color, then impregnated completely through with resins.
These exotic hardwood come from locations throughout the world.
Composites Mammoth Bark Ivory and Mammoth Teeth Carbon Fiber
Great for inlays, show case knifes and so much more!
Mammoth Bark Ivory varies in texture and color, each piece is rare and unique. We can an extensive inventory, please call for special sizes requirements.

Request bulletin 787 which has our current stock and pricing for mammoth ivory, mammoth bark ivory, oosik, mammoth bone, fossilized coral, fossilized walrus, and musk ox. We will email the bulletin with photos.
Very light weight and extremely strong. The woven carbon fiber threads which are set
in resin form a pattern. when reflected in light, the pattern is visually
Micarta Paracord Spacing Material
Formed by a special high-pressure process, using layer upon layer of the finest materials available. This product is tough, durable, resistant to corrosion, acids, oils, heat, cold, moisture, compression and impact.
Genuine 550 lb. Type III, 1/8" diameter nylon Paracord has a 7 strand core. With 40 colors available this braided cord can blend or add contrast to any project.
When you want to highlight your primary handle material, need a bit of filler, or are looking to create a new design - spacer material can fill your need.
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EW216 Walnut Block
Price: $4.50

Shades of brown with some black streaks. A beautiful hardwood, easily filled, stained and finished.
GT701 Fabricated White Mother of Pearl
Price: $9.95

This white iridescent material can be used over spacer material which will add tones of color chosen.
GT532 White Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
Price: $19.95

Rare white turquoise with gold web.
TW495 Stabilized Red Palm Scales
Price: $19.95

Red Palm has a light brown background with contrasting red streaks.
1/4" x 1 1/4" x 4" Scales
TW491 Stabilized Black Palm Scales
Price: $19.95

This hard wood is light brown with random black streaks giving it a very unique appearance. The end grain has an unusual look of its own, great for inlay and spacers! 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 4" SCALES
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