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Blade Steel - Pick from 1095, 440C, D2, CPMS-30V, CPMS-35VN, CPMS-3V, 154CM, CPM154, A2, O1, CPMS-90V, Damasteel, Stainless Damascus and High Carbon Damascus to complete your customer blade.  Make the knife of your dreams.
Tool Steel 01 & W1 Drill Rod
CPM, A2 and O1 Tool steel
D2 Carbon Steel Damasteel
Considered by many to be the best carbon steel for knife blades. The
combination of superior abrasion resistance and toughness in D-2 results from its high carbon and high chromium content.
This high quality, premium steel is patterned using a powder metallurgy technique resulting in beauty and strength.
Stainless Blade Steels High Carbon Blade Steels
440C, 154CM, CPM154, CPMS-30V, CPMS-35VN, CPMS-90V
15N20, CPM REX M4, 1095, 5160
Damascus 15N20 2% Nickel for Damascus
Stainless Steel and High Carbon Steel Damascus
With a 2% high nickel content, 15N20 is the layer of steel that produces the bright contrast for making Damascus.