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GN84   GN84 Needlepoint Scriber
GN84P   GN84P Replacement Point (pk 12)
GN88CM   GN88CM Tungsten Carbide Scriber and Magnet
GN88P   GN88P Replacement Point
GN90   GN90 Double End Pin Vise
GN93   GN93 Adjustable Pin Vise
GN932   GN932 Soft-Flex Goggles
GN933   GN933 Face Shield
GNCF0   GNCF0 Grobet USA Checkering File 30 lpi
GNCF00   GNCF00 Grobet USA Checkering File 20 lpi
GNCF1   GNCF1 Grobet USA Checkering File 40 lpi
GNCF645   GNCF645 Stainless Steel Ruler
GPHG8   GPHG8 Grace Screwdrivers
PK734   Grape Dymondwood Dowel
B52   Grinding Stone
B91   Grinding Stone
GT101   GT101 Variscite Gemstone Composite
GT102   GT102 Black Onyx Gemstone Composite
GT103   GT103 Russian Lavender (Charoite) Gemstone Composite
GT104   GT104 Coral Gemstone Composite
GT105   GT105 Azurite Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT106   GT106 Royal Plum Sugalite Gemstone Composite
GT107   GT107 Rhodonite Gemstone Composite
GT108   GT108 Light Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT109   GT109 White Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT110   GT110 Dark Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT111   GT111 Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Composite
GT112   GT112 Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT113   GT113 Jade Gemstone Composite
GT114   GT114 Fabricated Conch Shell
GT115   GT115 Speckled Amber Gemstone Composite
GT116   GT116 Chrysocolla Gemstone Composite
GT117   GT117 Natural Azurite w/Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT118   GT118 Malachite Web Gemstone Composite
GT119   GT119 Tortoise Shell Gemstone Composite
GT120   GT120 Jasper Gemstone Composite
GT121   GT121 Banded Azurite/Malachite Gemstone Composites
GT122   GT122 Translucent Amber Gemstone Composite
GT123   GT123 Jasper/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT124   GT124 Jasper/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT125   GT125 Onyx/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT126   GT126 Onyx/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT127   GT127 Light Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT128   GT128 Light Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT129   GT129 Dark Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT130   GT130 Dark Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT131   GT131 White Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composites
GT132   GT132 White Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT133   GT133 Rhodonite/Gold Vein Scales
GT140   GT140 Webbed Varasite
GT201   GT201 Variscite Gemstone Composite
GT202   GT202 Black Onyx Gemstone Composite
GT203   GT203 Russian Lavender (Charoite) Gemstone Composite
GT204   GT204 Coral Gemstone Composite
GT205   GT205 Azurite Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT206   GT206 Royal Plum Sugalite Gemstone Composite
GT207   GT207 Rhodonite Gemstone Composite
GT208   GT208 Light Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT209   GT209 White Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT210   GT210 Dark Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT211   GT211 Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Composite
GT212   GT212 Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT213   GT213 Jade Gemstone Composite
GT214   GT214 Fabricated Conch Shell
GT215   GT215 Speckled Amber Gemstone Composite
GT216   GT216 Chrysocolla Gemstone Composite
GT217   GT217 Natural Azurite w/Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT218   GT218 Malachite Web Gemstone Composite
GT219   GT219 Tortoise Shell Gemstone Composite
GT220   GT220 Jasper Gemstone Composite
GT221   GT221 Banded AzuriteMalachite Gemstone Composites
GT222   GT222 Translucent Amber Gemstone Compostie
GT301   GT301 Gemstone Composite Sample Pack
GT501   GT501 Variscite Gemstone Composite
GT502   GT502 Black Onys Gemstone Composite
GT503   GT503 Russian Lavender (Charoite) Gemstone Composite
GT504   GT504 Coral Gemstone Composte
GT505   GT505 Azurite Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT506   GT506 Royal Plum Sugalite Gemstone Composite
GT507   GT507 Rhodonite Gemstone Composite
GT508   GT508 Light Turquoise Gemstone Composite
GT509   GT509 White Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT510   GT510 Dark Tourquoise Gemstone Composite
GT511   GT511 Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Composite
GT512   GT512 Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT513   GT513 Jade Gemstone Composite
GT514   GT514 Fabricated Conche Shell
GT515   GT515 Speckled Amber Gemstone Composite
GT516   GT516 Chrysocolla Gemstone Composite
GT517   GT517 Natural Azurite w/Malachite Gemstone Composite
GT518   GT518 Malachite Web Gemstone Composite
GT519   GT519 Tortoise Shell Gemstone Composite
GT520   GT520 Jasper Gemstone Composite
GT521   GT521 Banded Azurite/Malachite Gemstone Composites
GT522   GT522 Translucent Amber Gemstone Composite
GT523   GT523 Jasper/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT524   GT524 Jasper/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT525   GT525 Onyx/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT526   GT526 Onyx/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT527   GT527 Light Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT528   GT528 Light Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT529   GT529 Dark Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composite
GT530   GT530 Dark Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT531   GT531 White Turquoise/Gold Gemstone Composites
GT532   GT532 White Turquoise/Gold Web Gemstone Composite
GT533   GT533 Rhodonite/Gold Vein
GT701   GT701 Fabricated White Mother of Pearl
GT702   GT702 Fabricated White Mother of Pearl
GT703   GT703 Fabricated White Mother of Pearl
GT704   GT704 White Fabricated Ivory
GT705   GT705 White Fabricated Ivory
GT706   GT706 White Fabricated Ivory
GT707   GT707 Fabricated Antique Ivory
GT708   GT708 Fabricated Antique Ivory
GT709   GT709 Fabricated Antique Ivory
GT710   GT710 Fabricated Mastadon Ivory
GT711   GT711 Fabricated Mastadon Ivory
GT712   GT712 Fabricated Mastadon Ivory
GT721   GT721 Fabricated Black Mother of Pearl
GT722   GT722 Fabricated Black Mother of Pearl
GT723   GT723 Fabricated Black Mother of Pearl
HA1   HA1 3/64" Center Drill
HA1002   HA1002 0-80 Taper Tap
HA1006   HA1006 2-56 Taper Tap
HA1008   HA1008 3-48 Taper Tap
HA1009   HA1009 3-56 Taper Tap
HA1011   HA1011 4-36 Taper Tap
HA1012   HA1012 4-40 Taper Tap
HA1016   HA1016 5-40 Taper Tap
HA1018   HA1018 6-32 Taper Tap
HA1020   HA1020 6-40 Taper Tap
HA1021   HA1021 6-48 Taper Tap
HA1024   HA1024 8-32 Taper Tap
HA1025   HA1025 8-36 Taper Tap
HA1026   HA1026 8-40 Taper Tap
HA1028   HA1028 10-24 Taper Tap
HA1031   HA1031 10-32 Taper Tap
HA1032   HA1032 12-24 Taper Tap
HA1033   HA1033 12-28 Taper Tap
HA1102   HA1102 0-80 Plug Tap
HA1106   HA1106 2-56 Plug Tap
HA1108   HA1108 3-48 Plug Tap
HA1109   HA1109 3-56 Plug Tap
HA1111   HA1111 4-36 Plug Tap
HA1112   HA1112 4-40 Plug Tap
HA1116   HA1116 5-40 Plug Tap
HA1118   HA1118 6-32 Plug Tap
HA1120   HA1120 6-40 Plug Tap
HA1121   HA1121 6-48 Plug Tap
HA1124   HA1124 8-32 Plug Tap
HA1125   HA1125 8-36 Plug Tap
HA1126   HA1126 8-40 Plug Tap
HA1128   HA1128 10-24 Plug Tap
HA1131   HA1131 10-32 Plug Tap
HA1132   HA1132 12-24 Plug Tap
HA1133   HA1133 12-28 Plug Tap
HA1202   HA1202 0-80 Bottoming Tap
HA1206   HA1206 2-56 Bottoming Tap
HA1208   HA1208 3-48 Bottoming Tap
HA1209   HA1209 3-56 Botoming Tap
HA1211   HA1211 4-36 Bottoming Tap
HA1212   HA1212 4-40 Bottoming Tap
HA1216   HA1216 5-40 Bottoming Tap
HA1218   HA1218 6-32 Bottoming Tap
HA1220   HA1220 6-40 Bottoming Tap
HA1221   HA1221 6-48 Bottoming Tap
HA1224   HA1224 8-32 Bottoming Tap
HA1225   HA1225 8-36 Bottoming Tap
HA1226   HA1226 8-40 Bottoming Tap
HA1228   HA1228 10-24 Bottoming Tap
HA1231   HA1231 10-32 Bottoming Tap
HA1320   HA1320 1/4-20 Taper Tap
HA1325   HA1325 1/4-40 Taper Tp
HA1420   HA1420 1/4-20 Plug Tap
HA1425   HA1425 1/4-40 Plug Tap
HA1520   HA1520 1/4-20 Bottoming Tap
HA1723   HA1723 3 x .50 Metric Plug Tap
HA1724   HA1724 3.5 x .60 Metric Plug Tap
HA1725   HA1725 4 x .70 Metric Plug Tap
HA1726   HA1726 5 x .80 Metric Plug Tap
HA1727   HA1727 6 x 1.0 Metric Plug Tap
HA2   HA2 5/64" Center Drill
HA3   HA3 7/64" Center Drill
HA321   HA321 Tap Wrench
HA322   HA322 Die Stock Wrench
HA3502   HA3502 0-80 Adjustable Die
HA3506   HA3506 2-56 Adjustable Die
HA3508   HA3508 3-48 Adjustabl Die
HA3509   HA3509 3-56 Adjustable Die
HA3511   HA3511 4-36 Adjustable Die
HA3512   HA3512 4-40 Adjustable Die
HA3524   HA3524 8-32 Adjustable Die
HA3528   HA3528 10-24 Adjustable Die
HA3531   HA3531 10-32 Adjustable Die
HA3532   HA3532 12-24 Adjustable Die
HA3620   HA3620 1/4-20 Adjustable Die
HA3623   HA3623 1/4-28 Adjustable Die
HA4   HA4 1/8" Center Drill
HA40127   HA40127 High Speed Drill Set
HA6   HA6 7/32" Center Drill

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