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TB6208   TB6208 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 625 Ambidextrious--Sapphire Syn
TB6209   TB6209 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 625 Ambidextrious--Dark Ruby Syn
TB6210   TB6210 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 625 Ambidextrious--White Opal Syn
TB6212   TB6212 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 625 Ambidextrious--Emerald Syn
TB6251   TB6251 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--White Diamond CZ
TB6252   TB6252 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Pink CZ
TB6253   TB6253 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Amethyst CZ
TB6254   TB6254 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Black CZ
TB6255   TB6255 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Peridot CZ
TB6256   TB6256 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Amber CZ
TB6257   TB6257 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Aquamarine Syn
TB6258   TB6258 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Sapphire Syn
TB6259   TB6259 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Dark Ruby Syn
TB6260   TB6260 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--White Opal Syn
TB6262   TB6262 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 623 Ambidextrious--Emerald Syn
TB8101   TB8101 Style 825, 2.5mm White Diamond CZ
TB8102   TB8102 Style 825, 2.5mm Pink Diamond CZ
TB8103   TB8103 Style 825, 2.5mm Amethyst CZ
TB8104   TB8104 Style 825, 2.5mm Black CZ
TB8105   TB8105 Style 825, 2.5mm Peridot CZ
TB8106   TB8106 Style 825, 2.5mm Amber CZ
TB8107   TB8107 Style 825, 2.5mm Aquamarine Syn
TB8108   TB8108 Style 825, 2.5mm Sapphire Syn
TB8109   TB8109 Style 825, 2.5mm Dark Ruby Syn
TB8112   TB8112 Style 825, 2.5mm Emerald Syn
TC0937   TC0937 Cobalt Drill Bit 3/32"
TC1   TC1 Round Carbide Engraving Bur
TC12   TC12 Cobalt Number Drill Bit #12
TC1250   TC1250 Cobalt Drill Bit 1/8"
TC1562   TC1562 Cobalt Drill Bit 5/32"
TC1875   TC1875 Cobalt Drill Bit 3/16"
TC2   TC2 Round Carbide Engraving Bur
TC21   TC21 Cobalt Number Drill Bit #21
TC2500   TC2500 Cobalt Drill Bit 1/4"
TC3   TC3 Square Cone Carbide Engraving Bur
TC30   TC30 Cobalt Number Drill Bit #30
TC4   TC4 Square Cylinder Carbide Engraving Bur
TC41   TC41 Cobalt Number Drill Bit #41
TC5   TC5 Round Cone Carbide Engraving Bur
TC6   TC6 Round Cylinder Carbide Engraving Bur
TC7   TC7 Cross Cut Cylinder Carbide Engraving Bur
TC8   TC8 Inverted Cylinder Carbide Engraving Bur
TCF   TCF Cobalt Letter Drill Bit F
TCS1   TCS1 8pc Carbide Cutter Set
TCS2   TCS2 9pc Carbide Cutter Set
TCS3   TCS3 Set of Carbide Engraving Burs
TCSA41   TCSA41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSA42   TCSA42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSA43   TCSA43 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSA51   TCSA51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSB51   TCSB51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSC41   TCSC41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSC42   TCSC42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSC51   TCSC51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSD41   TCSD41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSD42   TCSD42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSD51   TCSD51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSE41   TCSE41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSE51   TCSE51 Large Carbide Cutters
TCSF42   TCSF42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSF51   TCSF51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSG44   TCSG44 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSG51   TCSG51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSH41   TCSH41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSJ42   TCSJ42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSL41   TCSL41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSM41   TCSM41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSM42   TCSM42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSM43   TCSM43 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSM51   TCSM51 Large Carbide Cutter
TCSN41   TCSN41 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSN42   TCSN42 Tungston Carbide Cutter
TCSN51   TCSN51 Large Carbide Cutter
TD0156   TD0156 Jobber Lenght Drill Bit 1/64"
TD0312   TD0312 Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/32"
TD0469   TD0469 Jobber Length Drill Bit 3/64"
TD0625   TD0625 Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/16"
TD0781   TD0781 Jobber Length Drill Bit 5/64"
TD0937   TD0937 Jobber Length Drill Bit 3/32"
TD1   TD1 Number Drill Bit #1
TD10   TD10 Number Drill Bit #10
TD1094   TD1094 Jobber Length Drill Bit 7/64"
TD11   TD11 Number Drill Bit #11
TD12   TD12 Number Drill Bit #12
TD1250   TD1250 Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/8"
TD13   TD13 Number Drill Bit #13
TD14   TD14 Number Drill Bit #14
TD1406   TD1406 Jobber Length Drill Bit 9/64"
TD15   TD15 Number Drill Bit #15
TD1562   TD1562 Jobber Length Drill Bit 5/32"
TD16   TD16 Number Drill Bit #16
TD17   TD17 Number Drill Bit #17
TD1719   TD1719 Jobber Length Drill Bit 11/64"
TD18   TD18 Number Drill Bit #18
TD1875   TD1875 Jobber Length Drill Bit 3/16"
TD19   TD19 Number Drill Bit #19
TD2   TD2 Number Drill Bit #2
TD20   TD20 Number Drill Bit #20
TD2031   TD2031 Jobber Length Drill Bit 13/64"
TD21   TD21 Number Drill Bit #21
TD2187   TD2187 Jobber Length Drill Bit 7/32"
TD22   TD22 Number Drill Bit #22
TD23   TD23 Number Drill Bit #23
TD2344   TD2344 Jobber Length Drill Bit 15/64"
TD24   TD24 Number Drill Bit #24
TD25   TD25 Number Drill Bit #25
TD2500   TD2500 Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/4"
TD26   TD26 Number Drill Bit #26
TD2656   TD2656 Jobber Length Drill Bit 17/64"
TD27   TD27 Number Drill Bit #27
TD28   TD28 Number Drill Bit #28
TD2812   TD2812 Jobber Length Drill Bit 9/32"
TD29   TD29 Number Drill Bit #29
TD2969   TD2969 Jobber Length Drill Bit 19/64"
TD3   TD3 Number Drill Bit #3
TD30   TD30 Number Drill Bit #30
TD303   TD303 Short Length Drill Bit #3
TD31   TD31 Number Drill Bit #31
TD3125   TD3125 Jobber Length Drill Bit 5/16"
TD316   TD316 Short Length Drill Bit #16
TD32   TD32 Number Drill Bit #32
TD321   TD321 Short Length Drill Bit #21
TD325   TD325 Short Length Drill Bit #25
TD328   TD328 Short Length Drill Bit #28
TD3281   TD3281 Jobber Length Drill Bit 21/64"
TD329   TD329 Short Length Drill Bit #29
TD33   TD33 Number Dill Bit #33
TD331   TD331 Short Length Drill Bit #31
TD333   TD333 Short Length Drill Bit #33
TD336   TD336 Shorth Length Drill Bit #36
TD337   TD337 Short Length Drill Bit #37
TD34   TD34 Number Drill Bit #34
TD3437   TD3437 Jobber Length Drill Bit 11/32"
TD345   TD345 Short Length Drill Bit #45
TD35   TD35 Number Drill Bit #35
TD3594   TD3594 Jobber Length Drill Bit 23/64"
TD36   TD36 Number Drill Bit #36
TD37   TD37 Number Drill Bit #37
TD3750   TD3750 Jobber Length Drill Bit 3/8"
TD38   TD38 Number Drill Bit #38
TD39   TD39 Number Drill Bit #39
TD3906   TD3906 Jobber Length Drill Bit 25/64"
TD4   TD4 Number Drill Bit #4
TD40   TD40 Number Drill Bit #40
TD406   TD406 Shorth Length Drill Bit #3/32
TD4062   TD4062 Jobber Length Drill Bit 13/32"
TD408   TD408 Short Length Drill Bit #1/8
TD41   TD41 Number Drill Bit #41
TD412   TD412 Short Length Drill Bit #3/16"
TD413   TD413 Short Length Drill Bit #13/64"
TD414   TD414 Short Length Drill Bit #7/32"
TD416   TD416 Short Length Drill Bit # 1/4"
TD42   TD42 Number Drill Bit #42
TD420   TD420 Short Length Drill Bit #5/16"
TD4219   TD4219 Jobber Length Drill Bit 27/64"
TD424   TD424 Short Length Drill Bit #3/8"
TD43   TD43 Number Drill Bit #43
TD4375   TD4375 Jobber Length Drill Bit 7/16"
TD44   TD44 Number Drill Bit #44
TD45   TD45 Number Drill Bit #45
TD4531   TD4531 Jobber Length Drill Bit 29/64"
TD46   TD46 Number Drill Bit #46
TD4687   TD4687 Jobber Length Drill Bit 15/32"
TD47   TD47 Number Drill Bit #47
TD48   TD48 Number Drill Bit #48
TD4844   TD4844 Jobber Length Drill Bit 31/64"
TD49   TD49 Number Drill Bit #49
TD5   TD5 Number Drill Bit #5
TD50   TD50 Number Drill Bit #50
TD5000   TD5000 Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/2"
TD51   TD51 Number Drill Bit #51
TD52   TD52 Number Drill Bit #52
TD53   TD53 Number Drill Bit #53
TD54   TD54 Number Drill Bit #54
TD55   TD55 Number Drill Bit #55
TD56   TD56 Number Drill Bit #56
TD57   TD57 Number Drill Bit #57
TD58   TD58 Number Drill Bit #58
TD59   TD59 Number Drill Bit #59
TD6   TD6 Number Drill Bit #6
TD60   TD60 Number Drill Bit #60
TD608   TD608 1/8" Carbide Drill Bit
TD61   TD61 Number Drill Bit # 61
TD612   TD612 3/16" Carbide Drill Bit
TD614   TD614 7/32" Carbide Drill Bit
TD615   TD615 5/64" Carbide Drill Bit
TD616   TD616 1/4" Carbide Drill Bit
TD617   TD617 3/8" Carbide Drill Bit
TD62   TD62 Number Drill Bit #62
TD63   TD63 Number Drill Bit #63
TD64   TD64 Number Drill Bit #64
TD65   TD65 Number Drill Bit #65
TD66   TD66 Number Drill Bit #66
TD67   TD67 Number Drill Bit #67
TD68   TD68 Number Drill Bit #68
TD69   TD69 Number Drill Bit #69
TD7   TD7 Number Drill Bit #7
TD70   TD70 Number Drill Bit #70
TD71   TD71 Number Drill Bit #71
TD712   TD712 12 Carbide Drill Bit

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