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SS550   SS550 Camp Knife and Fork Kit
SS551   SS551 Camp Fork
SS552   SS552 Camp Knife
SS571   SS571 The Dolphin Blade
SS571K   SS571K Dolphin Kit
SS572   SS572 The Falcon Blade
SS572K   SS572K Falcon Kit
SS600   SS600 Paring Blade
SS601   SS601 Steak Blade
SS602   SS602 Sandwich Blade
SS603   SS603 Butcher blade
SS604   SS604 Chef's Blade
SS605   SS605 Carving Blade
SS606   SS606 Slicer Blade
SS607   SS607 Cleaver Blade
SS608   SS608 Carving Fork
SS621   SS621 Chef's Blade
SS631   SS631 Bear Paw Hatchet
SS631K   SS631K Bear Paw Hatchet Kit
SS632   SS632 Yellowstone Blade
SS63209   SS63209 Yellowstone Blade Kit with Silver Black Dymondwood Handles
SS63249   SS63249 Yellowstone Blade Kit with Black Ink Cocobolo Dymondwood Handles
SS633   SS633 Bigfoot Skinner Blade
SS63309   SS63309 Bigfoot Skinner Blade Kit with Silver-Black Dymondwood Handles
SS635   SS635 Bison Skinner Kit
SS63525   SS63525 Bison Skinner Kit with Rosewood Dymdwd Profiled Handles
SS638   SS638 Montana Guthook Blade
SS639   SS639 Dakota Drop Point Blade
SS640   SS640 Idaho Hunter Blade
SS642   SS642 Wyoming Hunter Kit
SS64209   SS64209 kit with Silver Black Profiled Handle Material
SS644   SS644 Utah Gut Hook Blade
SS646   SS646 Platte Kit
SS648   SS648 Arizona Skinner Blade
SS649   SS649 Oregon Drop Point Blade
SS650   SS650 Nevada Drop Point Blade
SS650K   SS650K Nevada Drop Point Kit
SS652   SS652 Black Widow
SS653   SS653 Honey Creek Trapper Kit
SS656   SS656 Fallow Locking Liner
SS700   SS700 Red River Trapper Kit
SS710   SS710 Cattlemen's Steak Blades
SS712   SS712 Cattlemen's Steak Blade
SS715   SS715 El Paso Kit
SS723   SS723 VG10 Damascus Little Bighorn Kit
SS724   SS724 VG10 Damascus Bighorn Kit
SS741   SS741 Peanut Kit
SS742   SS742 Rancher Kit
SS743   SS743 El Presidente Kit
SS753   SS753 Colorado Locking Liner Kit
SS758   SS758 Polaris Kit
SS760   SS760 Diamond Back Blade
SS761   SS761 Copperhead Blade
SS766   SS766 Stainless Bighorn Kit
SS771   SS771 Lynx Kit
SS773   SS773 Blackhawk Kit
SS776   SS776 Whitetail Kit
SS779   SS779 Elk Kit
SS780   SS780 Swallow Tail
SS782   SS782 Kaw Skinner Blade
SS782K   SS782K Kaw Skinner Kit/Brass
SS782N   SS782N Kaw Skinner Kit/Nickel Silver
SS783   SS783 Navajo Skinner Blade
SS783K   SS783K Navajo Skinner Kit/Brass
SS800   SS800 Camp Blade
SS800K   SS800K Camp Blade Kit
SS801   SS801 Complete Traditional Set
SS807   SS807 Carving Set
SS809   SS809 Complete Prestige Set
SS820   SS820 Cook's Blade
SS821   SS821 Cook's Blade
SS822   SS822 Carver Blade
SS823   SS823 Boner Blade
SS824   SS824 Steak or Cooks Blade
SS826   SS826 Steak Blade
SS827   SS827 Paring Blade
SS828   SS828 Paring Blade
SS829   SS829 Cook's Blade
SS830   SS830 Carver Blade
SS831   SS831 Boning Blade
SS832   SS832 Paring Blade
SS833   SS833 Steak Blade
SS835   SS835 6" Fillet Blade
SS835K   SS835K 6" Fillet Blade Kit
SS836   SS836 3" Fillet Blade
SS836K   SS836K 3" Fillet Blade Kit
SS862   SS862 Prestige Steak Set
SS872   SS872 Arapaho Gut Hook Blade w/serrations
SS873   SS873 Ringtail Blade
SS873K   SS873K Ringtail Kit
SS874   SS874 Bearcat Blade
SS874K   SS874K Bearcat Blade Kit
SS875   SS875 Traditional Tanto Blade
SS877   SS877 Japanese Tanto Blade w/bolster
SS880   SS880 Sidewinder Blade
SS881   SS881 Hyena Blade
SS882   SS882 Coyote Blade
SS883   SS883 Dingo Blade
SS884   SS884 Jackal Blade
SS893   SS893 Shawnee Skinner Blade
SS894   SS894 Pawnee Skinner Blade
SS897   SS897 Mule Skinner Blade
SS898   SS898 Sure Grip Skinner Blade
SS899   SS899 Tear Drop Dagger Blade
SS910   SS910 Fillet Blade
SS911   SS911 Cape Skinner Blade
SS911K   SS911K Cape Skinner Brass Kit
SS911N   SS911N Cape Skinner Nickel Silver Kit
SS912   SS912 Alaskan Fillet
SS912K   SS912K Alaskan Fillet Kit
SS914   SS914 Frontier Bowie Blade
SS914K   SS914K Frontier Bowie Kit-Brass
SS914N   SS914N Frontier Bowie Kit-Nickle Silver
SS916   SS916 BBQ Fork
SS916K   SS916K BBQ Fork Kit
SS917   SS917 Sharktooth Fillet Blade
SS917K   SS917K Sharktooth Fillet Kit
SS920   SS920 Trout Fillet Blade
SS920K   SS920K Trout Fillet Kit
SS935   SS935 Outback Bowie Blade
SS935K   SS935K Outback Bowie Kit-Brass
SS950   SS950 Tennessee Bowie
SS963   SS963 Grizzly Bear Blade
SSKA   SSKA Derwent Drop Point Blade
SSKB   SSKB Cumberland Clip Point Blade
ST117A   ST117A Starrett Center Punch 5/64"
ST117B   ST117B Starrett Center Punch 3/32"
ST117D   ST117D Starrett Center Punch 5/32"
ST120Z6   ST120Z6 Starrett Dial Calliper
ST129   ST129 Starrett Bench Block
ST134   ST134 Starrett Cross Test Level
ST156M   ST156M Screw Pitch Gauge
ST16104   ST16104 Starret Layout Dye **CAN NOT SHIP AIR OR EXPRESS MAIL**
ST1620   ST1620 Tool and Instrument Oil
ST1700   ST1700 The Starrett Book For Students
ST196A1Z   ST196A1Z Starrett Dial Test Indicator Set
ST240A   ST240A Starrett Pin Vise
ST240C   ST240C Starrett Pin Vise
ST472   ST472 Screw Pitch Gage
ST565A   ST565A Starrett Drive Pin Punch 1/16"
ST565B   ST565B Starrett Drive Pin Punch 3/32"
ST565C   ST565C Starrett Drive Pin Punch 1/8"
ST565D   ST565D Starrett Drive Pin Punch 5/32"
ST565E   ST565E Starrett Drive Pin Punch 3/16"
ST565F   ST565F Starrett Drive Pin Punch 7/32"
ST565G   ST565G Starrett Drive Pin Punch 1/4"
ST565H   ST565H Starrett Drive Pin Punch 5/16"
ST816B   ST816B Starrett Prick Punch 3/32"
ST827B   ST827B Starrett Edge Finder
STC391   STC391 Starrett Center Gages
STC604R6   STC604R6 Starrett Spring Tempered Steel Rule
STC9124R   STC9124R Starrett Combination Square
STM101   STM101 Starrett M1 Lubricant 12oz Aerosol **CAN NOT SHIP AIR OR EXPRESS MAIL**
STS565PC   STS565PC Starrett Drive Pin Punchs in Pouch
STS565WB   STS565WB Starrett Drive Pin Punchs in Box
STT436FL1   STT436FL1 Starrett Outside Micrometer
STT436FL2   STT436FL2 Starrett Outside Micrometers
SY2001   SY2001 Signity Presets White CZ 2.0mm Gold
SY2009   SY2009 Signity Presets Dark Ruby 2.0mm Gold
SY2501   SY2501 Signity Presets White CZ 2.5mm Gold
SY2503   SY2503 Signity Presets Amethyst 2.5mm Gold
SY2506   SY2506 Signity Presets Amber 2.5mm Gold
SY2508   SY2508 Signity Presets Sapphire 2.5mm Gold
SY2509   SY2509 Signity Presets Dark Ruby 2.5mm Gold
SY2512   SY2512 Signity Presets Emerald 2.5mm Gold
SY3001   SY3001 Signity Presets White CZ 3.0mm Gold
SY3003   SY3003 Signity Presets Amethyst 3.0mm Gold
SY3006   SY3006 Signity Presets Amber 3.0mm Gold
SY3008   SY3008 Signity Presets Sapphire 3.0mm Gold
SY3009   SY3009 Signity Presets Dark Ruby 3.0mm Gold
SY3012   SY3012 Signity Presets Emerald 3.0mm Gold
SY7001   SY7001 Signity Presets White CZ 2.0mm Silver
SY7009   SY7009 Signity Presets Dark Ruby 2.0mm Silver
SY7501   SY7501 Signity Presets White CZ 2.5mm Silver
SY7503   SY7503 Signity Presets Amethyst 2.5mm Silver
SY7506   SY7506 Signity Presets Amber 2.5mm Silver
SY7508   SY7508 Signity Presets Sapphire 2.5mm Silver
SY7509   SY7509 Signity Presets Dark Ruby 2.5mm Silver
SY7512   SY7512 Signity Prestes Emerald 2.5mm Silver
SY8001   SY8001 Signity Presets White CZ 3.0mm Silver
SY8003   SY8003 Signity Presets Amethyst 3.0mm silver
SY8006   SY8006 Signity Presets Amber 3.0mm Silver
SY8008   SY8008 Signity Presets Sapphire 3.0mm Silver
SY8009   SY8009 Signity Preset Dark Ruby 3.0mm Silver
SY8012   SY8012 Signity Presets Emerald 3.0mm Silver
TB5001   TB5001 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 White Diamond CZ
TB5002   TB5002 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Pink CZ
TB5003   TB5003 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Amethyst CZ
TB5004   TB5004 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Black CZ
TB5005   TB5005 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Peridot CZ
TB5006   TB5006 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Amber CZ
TB5007   TB5007 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Aquamarine Syn
TB5008   TB5008 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Sapphire Syn
TB5009   TB5009 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Dark Ruby Syn
TB5011   TB5011 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Black Opal Syn
TB5012   TB5012 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 505 Emerald Syn
TB5101   TB5101 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 515 White Diamond CZ
TB5102   TB5102 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 515 Pink CZ
TB5103   TB5103 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 515 Amethyst CZ
TB5104   TB5104 Jeweled Thumb Opener Style 515 Black CZ

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