VP300 HD Large 30" work area Vacuum Forming Press
VP300 HD Large 30" work area Vacuum Forming Press


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VP300 has a 19 x 30" work area,
Open top footprint of 36 wide x 24 long x 24.5" high.

The Ultra Durable HD Press is constructed of high quality cast acrylic designed for frequent use. Equipped with a high heat membrane secured to the top of the press by neodymium magnets for easy replacement and a wooden heat-sink for back to back, all day thermo-forming. This press has unlimited applications including making custom gun holsters and knife sheaths using thermoformed plastics.


Small air volume needed - (Vacuum system NOT included)
Integrated plumbing holds vacuum for extended periods
Gasket free design
Magnet lock system for fast change of self sealing membrane
Vacuum 30 InHG
Machined out of one piece for a seamless strong leak proof design
Ultra Durable Construction
Crack resistant
Plug and Play fittings
Limitless applications
90day Manufacturer Warranty
*Warranty does not apply in cases of improper use and membrane of heat-sink damage as these are consumable parts*
Made in the USA
***Actual Shipping Charges Apply**
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