About Jantz Supply:

Founded by Ken and Venice Jantz in 1966 as Jantz Gun Service the company started out small with Ken working as a well-known gun and metalsmith. By the mid 1970’s Ken, Venice and their three children were attending gun shows most weekends throughout the year meeting new customers, sourcing vendors and building their company of tools and supplies. Soon, Ken’s interest turned toward knifemaking and the unique craftmanship involved in creating functional works of art and tools.

Over the past 50+ years Jantz Supply has become the largest supplier of knifemaking components, machinery and supplies in the world. The acquisition of Koval Knives and Indian Ridge Traders in 2005 allowed us to expand our line of products to include exclusives from both companies. By continually seeking out and bringing the highest quality components and materials to knifemakers at exceptional prices, Ken Jantz built a loyal following of customers and a reputation for excellence in the knifemaking community.

At their facility in Davis, OK the Jantz family continues this tradition by manufacturing their own line of quality blades as well as bringing new innovations and materials to meet the needs of all knifemakers from beginners to artisans.

Dave Rhea summarized the Jantz model perfectly in Blade Magazine’s April 2014 edition. Dave wrote “The beauty of the Jantz model is any knifemaker at any point along the trajectory of talent can enjoy the satisfaction of constructing a knife. A total beginner can hone early skills by buying a kit to assemble. A seasoned veteran can pick up a replacement Burr-King grinder, a few plates of USA-made damascus and some mammoth tooth ivory, knowing that everything from the initial phone call to the delivered product will meet the highest expectations. And anyone in between can get just about anything he or she needs to complete a knife that is beautiful and reliable.”

While Jantz is well known for the quality of our products our customers also value our dedication to the highest level of customer service. Our close-knit team of employees and family members work hard to bring the value and service Ken and Venice have always been known for to each and every customer.