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The forging process on our damascus billets starts out a mixture of 13 layers that include 5160, 203E, and 52100 high nikel, high alloy steels, and then folded 5 times to produce a high contrast 416 layer damascus billet. All sizes are approximate. Ferric Chloride acid #BS110 is used to etch your blades.
Stainless Damascus Carbon Damascus
Mike Norris Damascus
High Carbon Damascus
Tri-Color Damascus by Chris Marks Etching Solution
Premium quality quenching oil designed to provide controlled cooking of steel which is important in steel hardening. When quenching is started, Chevron Quenching Oil 70 provides a high initial cooling rate inducing maximum hardness, yet once the critical transformation temperature is passed, the ideal fluid cooling rate decreases to eliminate the possibility of stresses and metal distortion.
Used to acid etch Damascus after heat treating. 16oz makes one gallon of usable solution. Dilute with distilled water. Keep bottle tightly sealed and stored in a cool place.CAN NOT SHIP TO CANADA. CAN NOT SHIP 3 DAY AIR, SECOND DAY AIR, NEXT DAY AIR NOR EXPRESS MAIL