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Made for knifemakers by knifemakers this CA Glue is triple distilled to assure the highest level of quality, performance and self-life. This is the CA glue we put our name on! 20 month shelf life obtained when stored unopened at 40* F. Can be refrigerated. 2oz bottles include one clog free nozzle stopper, 2 long nozzle caps and 8 extensenion
Accelerator / Debonder Flexible CA Glue
Knifemaker's Specialty Accelerator speeds up the cure time of your CA glue with a quick spray or brush on application.
Flexible CA Glue is the glue of choice when working with flexible materials, natural woods or other materials that swell and contract over time as this flexible glue moves with your project to help prevent cracking over time.
Standard CA Glue
Standard CA Glue works to fill gaps, cracks, and hairline fissures that may occur as part of the knifemaking process.