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Hermes Ceramit Flex Belts Hermes Cork Belts (with grit) Hermes Cork No Grit Belts
Hermes J Flex A/O Belts Hermes Mod Flex A/O Belts Hermes Webrax Belts
  • Hermes Ceramit Flex Belts

    Flexible, ceramic abrasive, resin X-Flex cloth with additives. Highly
    economical due to low overall grinding costs. Ductile and sharp ceramic
    abrasive grain provides high stock removal rates. Low grinding
    temperature due to the additional Procut coating. Flexible cotton cloth
    backing guarantees a high adaptability to contours. Very good
    edge-restoring force means extended grinding belt life. Especially
    suitable high-performance alloys, stainless steel and brass. For
    applications with comparatively high contact pressures. Very good tool
    life and high stock removal rate with a very good grit adhesion.
  • Hermes Cork Belts (with grit)

    Waterproof silicon carbide/cork abrasive X-cloth. Can be used for dry
    and we grinding (resistant to water, emulsion and oil). For producing
    very bright or "mirror-finished" surfaces. Flat grinding or stainless
    for producing very bright "Brush-Finish" on metallic surfaces.
  • Hermes Cork No Grit Belts

    Waterproof, cork abrasive, resin bonded, X-cloth backing. Cork polishing
    belt without abrasive grain to produce high-polish or mirror- finish
    surfaces. Great for polishing flat glass and ceramic edges and fibers.
    Flat grinding on stationary belt grinding machines of stainless steel
    sheets for producing very bright or "mirror-finished" surfaces.
  • Hermes J Flex A/O Belts

    Highly flexible, aluminum oxide abrasive resin bonded J-Flex cotton
    cloth backing. Adapts very well to contours and radii. Additional active
    ingredient coating reduces heat build-up and prevents the grain
    "rounding off" prematurely and the workpiece discoloring. Especially
    suitable for grinding brass, tool steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
    Very good grit adhesion
  • Hermes Mod Flex A/O Belts

    Light, flexible, aluminum oxide resin bond MJ cotton cloth backing for grinding contoured workpieces. Good stock removal rate with a very good grit adhesion. Universally applicable.
  • Hermes Webrax Belts

    Non-woven web with reinforced cloth. Reduced loading when compared to
    conventional abrasives. No cut through when finishing car body parts.
    The cloth reinforcement increases occupational safety during grinding.
    Aluminum oxide grain generates a satin-effect on stainless steel
    surfaces. Can be used universally for dry and wet grinding (resistant to
    water, emulsion, and oil). Finish and superfinish of stainless steel.
    Great for light deburring or grinding out small faults in metalworking.