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Knife - High Tech Fighter Blade SS1139 High Tech Fighter Blade

A top quality fighting knife – made of 440C Stainless. 11” overall length, 3/16” thick blade, width 1 1/2”, blade length 6 1/2”, tang threaded 6x1mm Satin finish. Available sheath KT102.
Available guards: CP439 (Brass) or NS439 (Nickel Silver)

Price: $34.95
Knife - Commando Fighter Blade SS459 Commando Fighter Blade

Heavy 3/16" thick fighting blade is 9 1/2" overall, with 4 3/4" x 1 1/8" wide blade section. Upper 3 1/2" false edge and cross guard. Extra heavy tang is drilled for two CP600 rivets and CP500 thong tubing. Use the CP607 brass to form a contrasting guard if desired or shape the handle material to conform to the pre-formed cross guard.
Available sheath KT111.

Price: $39.95