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Knife - Sportsman Blade SS164 Sportsman Blade

Sleek, slim, graceful design makes this a useful addition to the sportsmans knife collection. Gut hook is small and sharp. Overall length is 7 3/8", blade is 3 1/2" ground from 1/8" 440-C stainless steel. 1/8" pin holes. This knife looks great when completed with 3/16" mini corby rivets.  
Available sheath KT104.

Price: $14.95
Knife - Arapaho Gut Hook Blade with serrations SS872 Arapaho Gut Hook Blade w/serrations

The SS872 has 1 1/2" serrations for those hard to cut places. 9 1/2" overall length, 3 3/4" hollow ground stainless blade, 1 1/2" wide, and 9/64" thick. bolsters can be designed from our brass or nickel silver bar. Available sheath KT111.
Handle Holes: 7/32" Thong Hole: 7/32" Bolster Holes: 3/32"

Price: $19.95