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Knife Part - Pattern 61 Brass 1/4" thong tubing B610 1/4" Brass Thong Tubing for Pattern #61

Optional thong tubing.

Price: $0.75
Knife Part - Pattern 61 Stainless 1/4" thong tubing A610 1/4" Stainless Thong Tubing for Pattern 61

Use T12 drill to drill handles for tubing.

Price: $0.99
TM64     6.4mm   Metric Drill Bit TM64 6.4mm Metric Drill Bit

Size 6.4mm    Dec.   .2520

Drill the proper size hole with these heavy duty, jobber length, 135° split point metric drills. Our metric tap section lists drill size for tapping and clearance. Decimal sizes are listed so you can choose the best “close slip” fit for both inch and metric size pins.

Price: $3.42