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  • Shop Rolls

    Aluminum oxide grain is bonded to super heavy cloth backing. Long lasting, tears evenly, resists flaking even when flexed. A must for removing rust, cleaning, deburring and finishing of metal parts.
  • Abrasive Wheels

    Flap, Interleaf and Scotch Brite wheels for your grinding and polishing needs.
  • Sandsticks

    Perfect for hand finishing knife blades, actions and other flat
    surfaces, it stays flat and 'ripple' free. Detailed, hard to reach areas
    are a snap. The easy to use tapered plastic stick holds a replaceable
    sanding belt. The patented spring loaded mechanism allows belt to rotate 360° guaranteeing use of entire belt. Two sizes, 1/4" x 6" long or 1/2" x 8" long. Each comes with 5 belts (1 each grit). Replacement belts are sold in packages of 5 all one grit.
  • Carding and Wire Wheels

    Brush away rust, scale and dirt with ease. Use for light deburring or surface conditioning. Wire wheel is 6" in diameter.  1 3/4" long, .008  diameter crimped wire, 9/16" face. The carding wheel has .003 diameter wire for fine work The 1/4" arbor hole can not be drilled larger.
  • Sandpaper

    Wet / Dry, Micron and No-Fil Sandpaper for the perfect hand finish.