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Fillet Blade Blanks

Fishers and chefs alike rely on a solid fillet knife to make the perfect cut of fish or chicken every time. When cleaning a large catch or preparing enough poultry for a big crowd, the design and feel of the knife are important. How can you safely and comfortably finish a large job if your knife isn’t made for how you work? Creating a custom knife using a fillet knife kit from Jantz Supply is a surefire way to end up with a knife that’s easy to use and made to last. Our stainless fillet knife blades are available in a variety of lengths, styles and shapes so you can design and make a knife ideally suited to your needs. Shop our full selection of fillet blades for knifemaking, and soon you’ll be on your way to perfectly cut fish for campfire meals, barbecues and so much more.

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Knife - 3" Fillet Blade SS836 3" Fillet Blade

Very small fillet blade for those who enjoy America’s many pan-size fish. Valuable for many kitchen and camp uses. 6 3/4” overall, 3” x 7/16” x .060 thick. Use 5/32" or smaller pins or cutlery rivets. Available sheath KT106.

Price: $3.95
Knife - Fillet Blade SS910 Fillet Blade

Sharp and flexible, this stainless fillet blade is perfect for salt water as well as fresh water use. Overall length is 11-1/2”, blade 6-1/4” x 5/8” x 1/16”. Use 1/8" or 5/32" pins. Available Sheath: KT101 (Fillet Sheath)

Price: $10.95
Knife - Trout Fillet Blade SS920 Trout Fillet Blade

A very nice, thin and flexible 8A stainless fillet blade. Also makes a fine general purpose kitchen knife. Overall length is 10 1/2", blade is 5 3/4" x .045" thick. This new curved style feels great in your hand, easy to make and easy to use. Use 1/8" pins. Available sheath KT117.

Price: $11.95
Knife - Alaskan Fillet Blade SS912 Alaskan Fillet

Surgical stainless blade is 16" overall with a 10 1/2" cutting edge. Flexible and 1/16" thin, stays sharp. Three holes for 5/16" cutlery rivets or 5/32" or smaller pins. Available sheath KT124.

Price: $15.95
Knife Kit - Trout Fillet Blade SS920K Trout Fillet Kit

Knife Kit includes (1) SS920, 3-1/8" brass pins,  handle material  (our choice) and instructions.
Available sheath KT117.

Price: $17.95
Knife Kit - Alaskan Fillet Blade SS912K Alaskan Fillet Kit

Knife Kit includes (1) SS912,  handle material  (our choice)  3-5/16" brass cutlery rivets and instructions.
Available sheath KT124

Price: $19.95
Knife - Russell Green River IRT Indian Ridge Trader Stainless Steel Fillet blade RH700 IRT Stainless Steel Fillet blade Made in the USA

Made by Russell Green River for Indian Ridge Traders - The original source for knife blades to the knife making industry. Super sharp and flexible stainless fillet blade is a fine accessory for every tackle box.
Overall length of 11-3/4”, blade 7” x 1/16”. Use 1/8" pins.  Available sheath KT101.

Price: $19.95