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Knife-Sharpening Tools

After you have forged or built a knife, you still have a couple of steps left before your knife is complete. Grinding, finishing and polishing come next. Fortunately, you can get everything you need for your knife-sharpening kit from one supplier. With Jantz Supply, you can find all of the grinding tools for knife making that you will need to prepare your knife to be put to the test. Our selection of knife-grinding abrasives includes sanding belts, sandpaper and wheels. Whether you are looking for equipment to finish a forged knife or for stock removal abrasives, you are in the right place.

Putting the finishing touches on your knife is an exciting milestone. There’s nothing like polishing a knife that you took from being an unrefined piece of metal to a functioning, handcrafted tool. Jantz Supply has everything you need to finish your knife to polished perfection. We offer knife-polishing supplies, including blade buffing wheels as well as polishing and cutting compounds.