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DIY Hatchet Kit

Whether you are an avid outdoors sportsman or just building upon your toolkit at home, having a hatchet handy is always solid advice. If you are an experienced knifemaker but you have never made a hatchet before, opting for an expertly curated axe making kit from Jantz Supply is the way to go! Our bear paw hatchet kit contains a hatchet blade, material for you to make the handle and brass pins to hold the finished product together. This axe tool knife kit does not include a sheath, but the KT631 is available to protect your blade and prevent injury. The possibilities are endless with hatchet tool kits from Jantz Supply!

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Bear Paw Hatchet SS631K Bear Paw Hatchet Kit-Satin Finish

Knife Kit includes SS631S (Bear Paw Hatchet with Satin Finish) 3-3/16" brass pins,  handle material  (our choice) and instructions.
Available sheath KT631.

Price: $29.95