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Hunting Knife Blades

Each hunter has his or her own set of preferred processes and techniques for preparing game, but one thing is certain: Every hunter needs quality hunting blades. Jantz Supply carries an assortment of full tang hunting knife blades for making hunting knives of all sizes. From 2-inch knives for field dressing deer to long skinning blades, our easy-to-hold hunting knife blades are made to stand up to any job you need them to do.

At Jantz Supply, we’re not just another knife shop. As a family-owned knifemaking equipment source, we know what makes knives great to use. We have factored ergonomics into the design and forging of our blades for making hunting knives so that knifemakers can craft custom knives that get the job done without creating discomfort for the user.

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Knife - Razorback Blade SS465 Razorback Blade

Many consider the Razorback their favorite small companion knife. Hollow ground from stainless steel with filework on the blade that is 5 1/2" overall, with a 2" cutting edge. The blade is 3/4" wide and 5/32" thick. Tang has three 1/8" tang holes and two 3/32" bolster holes to make customization easy. Available sheath KT116.

Available Guard: CP365 (Brass)

Price: $11.95
Knife - Explorer Blade SS177 Explorer Blade

The contoured shape of the handle makes this blade easy to hold. False upper edge cut from both sides, flows nicely into blade. Contoured finger grooves add to overall features. Three 1/8" pin holes, 7 1/4" overall, 3 1/8" blade, 7/64" thick.  
Available sheath KT104 (Pouch Sheath), KT231 (Strap Sheath).

Price: $12.95
Knife - Cobra Blade SS166 Cobra Blade

Small blade with unusual design. Easy to customize a handle for this small stainless skinner. The "cut out" blade is light and easy to use. 7 3/8" overall, 3 3/4" blade ground from 1/8" stock. 1/8" decorative pins or our 3/16" mini corby rivets work nicely with this blade.  
Available sheath KT104.

Price: $14.95
Knife - Ringtail Blade SS873 Ringtail Blade

A unique blade that is adaptable for a variety of uses. Whether you are looking for a letter opener or a small game skinner, this blade is sure to please. 7" overall, 2 5/8" blade edge, 7/8" wide, finger guard and thumb groove, drilled with two 3/32" bolster holes, two 3/16" tang holes and a 1/4" thong hole. Available sheath KT106.

Available Bolster Set: CP873 (Brass)

Price: $14.95
Knife - Kodiak Blade SS261 Kodiak Blade

Cut from the top or bottom edge with this small multipurpose knife. The thumb hole allows you to hold the knife firmly. Overall length is 6 1/8", blade is 2 1/2". Two 5/32" pin holes.

Available sheaths: KT116 (Pouch Sheath), KT231 (Strap Sheath)

Price: $14.95
Knife - Falcon Blade SS572 The Falcon Blade

Our 440-C Stainless drop point blade is approximately 7/64" thick, overall length about 7", blade is 3 1/2" x 1 3/4" wide. 3/16" pin holes are drilled for use with 5/16" cutlery rivets, 1/4" corbys or any of our acorn nut screws.
Available sheath KT113.

Price: $15.95
Knife - Adventurer Blade SS165 Adventurer Blade

Swept back handle style adds flair to this small but impressive looking blade. False upper edge is cut from both sides from tip of blade to the notched thumb rest. Choose nickel silver or brass guard sold separately. 1/8" pins or 3/16" mini corby rivets will hold the handle material firmly. Blade is 3", 7 1/2" overall, 7/64" thick. Available sheath KT104 (Pouch Sheath), KT231 (Strap Sheath).

Available Guard: CP165 (Brass) NS165 (Nickel Silver)

Price: $16.95
Knife - Dolphin Blade SS571 The Dolphin Blade

This hollow ground trail point blade is made from 440-C stainless. Overall length is 6 11/16". Blade length 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" at widest area. Approximately 7/64" thick, 3/16" pin holes are perfect for 5/16" cutlery rivets or 1/4" corby rivets.  
Available sheath KT121.

Price: $19.95
Knife - Cape Skinner Blade SS911 Cape Skinner Blade

This deep-bellied skinner blade is skillfully crafted and ground from the finest 5/32" 440-C stainless steel. Overall length is 10-1/4", blade is 5-1/2" x 2" wide. Designed with the large game hunter in mind. This attractive skinner is ready for a custom handle. Use a guard and pommel if desired.

Available guard: CP911 (Brass) NS911 (Nickel Silver)
Available pommel: CP104 (Brass) NS104 (Nickel Silver)

Price: $19.95
Knife - Idaho Hunter Blade SS640 Idaho Hunter Blade

A Stylish mirror polished high carbon stainless steel blade with sharp clean lines. 7-1/2” overall, 3-1/8” blade x 7/8” wide and .130 thick. Two 3/16” pin holes for attaching the handle and an optional 1/4” thong hole. Available sheath KT104.

Available Guard: CP940 (Brass)
Optional Thong Tube: CP500 (1/4" x 1" Brass) NS500 (1/4" x 1" Nickel Silver)

Price: $19.95
Knife - Shawnee Skinner Blade SS893 Shawnee Skinner Blade

Sleek, feels great in your hand. The thumb notches make it easy to hold and maneuver. This satin finished stainless steel, hollow ground blade is perfect for everyday use. Overall length is 8 1/2", blade is 4 1/2" x 1 1/8" wide and 1/8" thick. You may wish to create bolsters by using our brass or nickel silver bar stock. Available sheath KT108 (Strap Sheath0 or KT104 (Pouch Sheath).
Handle Holes: 7/32" Bolster Holes: 3/32"

Available Bolster: CP893 (Brass)

Price: $19.95
Knife - Pawnee Skinner Blade SS894 Pawnee Skinner Blade

Need a really nice looking razor sharp skinning knife for large game? This is it. This flexible, flat ground blade is designed for field work. Overall length is 8 1/4", blade is 4" x 1" wide and .110" thick. Available sheath KT108 (Strap Sheath) or KT104 (Pouch Sheath).
Handle holes: 7/32" Bolster Holes: 3/32"

Available Bolster: CP894

Price: $19.95
Knife - Dingo Blade SS883 Dingo Blade

The Dingo is a deep curved satin finished high carbon stainless steel skinner. Overall length is 8", blade is 3 1/4" long x 1 7/8" wide and 1/8" thick. The tang holes include nine 3/32" pin holes plus three 1/4" holes.

Price: $19.95
Knife - Coyote Blade SS882 Coyote Blade

The Coyote is a satin finished high carbon stainless steel blade with a deep finger groove integrated into the tang. Simple to complete, use six 3/32" pins and if desired, a 1/4" tube or mosaic pin in the pre-drilled tang holes. Overall length is 7 1/8", the blade is 2 3/4" long x 1" wide and 1/8" thick.
Available sheath KT106.

Price: $19.95
Knife - Hyena Blade SS881 Hyena Blade

The Hyena is a satin finished, high carbon, stainless steel blade with simple, smooth lines. Pre-drilled with six 3/32" pin holes and a 1/4" thong hole that can be filled with a mosaic pin if desired. Overall length is 6 1/4", blade is 2 3/4" long x 3/4" wide x 1/8" thick.
Available sheath KT106.

Price: $19.95
Knife - Jackal Blade SS884 Jackal Blade

The Jackal is a satin finished high carbon stainless steel blade with nine 3/32" holes for pins and two 1/4" holes for Corby rivets or mosaic pins, there is also a 1/4" thong hole you may use if desired. Overall length is 8 5/8", the blade is 3 1/2" long x 1 3/8" wide and 1/8" thick.
Available sheath KT111.

Price: $19.95
Knife - Derwent Drop Point Blade SSKA Derwent Drop Point Blade

This drop point is 8-1/2" overall length, 9/62" thick with 1/4" holes for Corby rivets, Mosaic pins or thong tubes.  Additionally, it has 6 extra holes around the edge to use 1/8" Mosaic pins.  Available sheath KT107 or KT232

Price: $21.95
Knife - Kiowa Hunter Blade SS464 Kiowa Hunter Blade

This small satin finished hunter is 6 3/4" long, blade is 2 3/4" x 3/4" wide. The SS464 Kiowa blade can be fitted with the CP364 solid brass machined guard. 3/8" x 3/4" x 1.350" with a .118 x .900 slot. Handle holes: 7/32" Finger notches and thumb groove make this blade easy to hold and use. Available sheath; KT106 (Pouch Sheath), KT231 (Strap Sheath).

Available Guard: CP364 (Brass)

Price: $24.95
SS320     Badger Blade SS320 Badger Blade

The premium 8-A stainless steel hollow ground Badger is well balanced. The tang holes are drilled and tapped for 5/0.8mm Hex button head screws. Overall length is 7-5/8", blade is 2-5/8" long x 1" wide x 5/32" thick.
Available sheath KT103.

Price: $25.95
Knife - Manhattan Blade SS1272 Manhattan Blade

Medium slim hollow ground 6A high carbon stainless steel blade with mirror finish. 8 7/8” overall length. .140” thick, 1” wide with 4 1/4” blade. Pin holes 3/32”. Nice slim look. Available sheath KT102.

Available Guards: CP301 (Brass-not drilled) NS301 (Nickel Silver-not drilled)
Optional Thong Tube: CP500 (1/4" x 1" Brass) NS500 (1/4" x 1" Nickel Silver)

Price: $29.95
Knife - Canadian Skinner Blade SS470 Canadian Skinner Blade

The 1 3/4" crush-ground serration on the top edge of this 3/16" thick blade makes for a most unusual skinning knife. 7 1/2" overall with 3" x 1 3/4" wide blade. Predrilled for 2 #CP600 corby type rivets and CP500 tubing. Although a guard is not required, you can use 3/8" x 3/4" bar stock and solder a bolster on for a different effect if desired. 440-C Stainless.
Available sheath KT113.

Price: $31.95
Knife - Big Game Skinner Blade SS530 Big Game Skinner Blade

10” overall length, 5 1/4” Up swept blade, 9/64” thick. Blade is made of 6A High Carbon Stainless Steel. Hollow ground with satin finish. Available sheath KT118.
Handle Holes: 5/32" Thong Hole: 7/32"

Price: $34.95
Knife - Tiger Blade SS314 Tiger Blade

This satin finished premium 8-A stainless steel hollow ground blade is easy to hold and practical to use. Overall length is 9-1/2", blade is 4-1/2" x 1" x 5/32" thick. A very stylish trend of two contrasting handle materials can easily be accomplished with the double slots for double guards. Slots are .270" wide and 5/32" thick and requires 3mm guard and handle pins. and 7/32" thong hole. Available sheath KT111.

Available guards and pin set: NG314 (sold separately)

Price: $44.95