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Buffing Wheel Equipment for Knives

Charged with fine abrasives to bring your knife blade to a mirror-like finish, our metal buffing polishing wheels are available in a variety of materials. The buffing wheel material ideal for your purposes depends on your project, so it’s best to keep different kinds handy for each material you work with. Fine muslin buffs are made to polish and shine soft materials, such as wooden handles and sheaths, but it takes a tougher material to give steel blades that sought-after sheen. No matter if you’re making your first letter opener or your hundredth knife, having the right buffing and polishing accessories for the job is key. Complete your metal polishing kit with our polishing compounds!

  • Adapters

    Bushing to reduce arbor sizes
  • Sewed Muslin Wheels

    A sewed muslin wheel is the best “General Purpose” wheel you can buy.
    These wheels can be used with just about any compound successfully.
    Available in 25 ply Spiral sewed or 65 or 80 ply Concentric sewed.
  • Polishing Wheels

    Made from full-disc 3/8" spiral sewed muslin sections glued together
    with a canvas disc cemented on each side to prevent edge breakdown.  A
    hard wheel that produces aggressive cutting action when grease-less
    compound is applied. Wide face gives greater surface contact and a
    smooth metal removal.
  • Loose Muslin Wheels

    The loose muslin section buff has one row of sewing around the hole.
    These wheels are ultra soft and flexible allowing reach into uneven
    surfaces. The primary use is buffing or coloring with a rouge to bring
    the part to a brilliant shining color.
  • Sisal Wheels

    The unique capabilities of the sisal wheel increase production and
    decrease cost by doing the job in half the usual time. When used in
    conjunction with the cut and color bars, the sisal wheel will simply
    whisk away the polish marks, light pits and other minor surface defects
    leaving steel, stainless steel or brass a flat color with all scratches
    removed. This usually eliminates the need to use finer grits when going
    from polishing to coloring. It is often used as a “final” finish in
    itself when a satin look is desired. Our sisal wheels are 9 ply, 6" and
    8" are 1/4" spiral sewed, 10" and 12" are 3/8" spiral sewed, cloth
    covers help hold the wheels solid.
  • Felt Wheels

    Our accurately balanced felt wheels are made of 100% selected long fiber
    wool. They contain no resins, lacquers or synthetic fibers. Felt wheels
    are available in three densities: 1) Soft felt is recommended for
    rounded surfaces and jobs requiring little pressure or cutting action,
    such as coloring. 2) Medium felt is the most often used by both gun and
    knifemakers. It will readily adapt to flat or rounded surfaces and can
    be used in both buffing and coloring operations. 3) Hard felt is most
    often used on flat surfaces or where it is necessary to contour the
    wheel to the configuration of the work.
  • Yellow Cloth / Sisal Wheels

    The blending capabilities of a sisal wheel combined with the polishing
    power of a treated muslin buff. Use this wheel to cut while removing
    scratches at the same time, works great with Black Magic compound. 3/8"
    wide spiral sewn.
  • Scotch Brite Wheels

    Made from a non-woven synthetic fiber mesh impregnated with abrasive
    grain. Open structure prevents loading. Will not rust or contaminate
    metal. Waterproof, washable, use wet or dry. General Purpose, medium
    density-5A (Red), blends belt marks, removes rust and surface oxidation,
    finishes and deburrs. Produces a clean uniform surface, blends surface
    scratches and produces a satin finish. Light Deburring, fine density-7S
    (Gray), tough and aggressive, durable yet resilient and fast cutting.
    Produces a bright finish on hard surfaces, such as stainless and
    titanium. Flap Wheels, fine density, for final sanding/finishing on wood
    or metal. May require
    arbor adapters to reduce. Size and adapters shown in description.
    Maximum rpm 4500.