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Letter Opener Blade Kits

At a time when writing letters is a quaint way of the past, letter openers are an elegant relic that calls to mind a simpler time. Letter opener blades are still used today for opening mail, and collectors love admiring the details of blades and their handles. Full tang envelope opener blades have a distinctive look and flair that is uncommon in most modern office supplies. The artistic flair seen in our letter opener kits makes them ideal for weekend knifemakers who work in offices and want to show off their craft in their everyday lives. Whether you want to make your own letter opener or give one as a gift, our letter opener blanks come with everything you need to make a practical and beautiful tool for all to admire!

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Knife Kit - Pacific Letter Opener Blade SS201K The Pacific Letter Opener Kit

Knife Kit includes SS201 (Letter Opener) handle material (our choice), 2-3/32" brass pins and instructions.

Price: $12.95
Knife Kit - Burlington Letter Opener Blade SS203K The Burlington Letter Opener Kit

Knife Kit includes SS203 (The Burlington blade), handle material  (our choice), 3-3/32" Nickle Silver pins and instructions.

Price: $15.95