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SM785   SM785 Mokume-Tri Color Ladder Pattern 3/16 x 1 x 4
SM804   SM804
SM854   SM854 Mokume-Tri Color Twist Pattern 3/16 x 1 x 4
SM864   SM864 Mokume-Tri Color Twist Pattern 1/4 x 1-1/2 x 4
SM877   SM877 Mokume-Tri Color Twist Pattern 3/8 x 3/4 x 4
SN0612   SN0612 Acid Brushes
SN0916   SN0916 Caliper Set
NB1228D1   Sneezewood Block in Resin NB1228D1
SO101   SO101 Smooth Stand Offs
SO102   SO102 Smooth Stand Offs
SO301   SO301 Designer Stand Offs
SO302   SO302 Designer Stand Off
SP101   SP101 Stainless Unshaped Pommel
SP104   SP104 Unshaped Stainless Steel Pommel
SP106   SP106 Stainless Unshaped Pommel
SP111   SP111 Stainless Unshaped Pommel
KF500   Special Order Paragon Oven
SR102   SR102 Two Bulls Sports Rub - 2 Oz
SR104   SR104 Two Bulls Sports Rub - 4 Oz
SS106   SS106 Cook's Blade
SS107   SS107 Chef's Blade
SS108   SS108 Steak Blade
SS110   SS110 Santoku Blade
SS1139   SS1139 High Tech Fighter Blade
SS1157   SS1157 Tahoe Skinner Blade
SS1272   SS1272 Manhattan Blade
SS164   SS164 Sportsman Blade
SS164K   SS164K Sportsman Kit
SS165   SS165 Adventurer Blade
SS165K   SS165K Adventurer Kit
SS166   SS166 Cobra Blade
SS166K   SS166K Cobra Kit
SS167   SS167 Renaissance Dagger Blade
SS167K   SS167K Renaissance Dagger Kit
SS176   SS176 Shark Blade
SS176K   SS176K The Shark Kit
SS177   SS177 Explorer Blade
SS177K   SS177K Explorer Kit
SS199K   SS199K Fillet Blade Kit
SS200   SS200 Bread Slicer
SS201   SS201 The Pacific Letter Opener
SS201K   SS201K The Pacific Letter Opener Kit
SS203   SS203 The Burlington Letter Opener
SS203K   SS203K The Burlington Letter Opener Kit
SS205   SS205 The Frisco Letter Opener
SS261   SS261 Kodiak Blade
SS261K   SS261K Kodiak Kit
SS263   SS263 Woodcarvers Blade
SS271   SS271 U-Style Ulu Blade
SS272   SS272 Apron Style Ulu
SS273   SS273 Arctic Ulu
SS301   SS301 Panther Blade
SS302   SS302 Bobcat Blade
SS303   SS303 Cougar Blade
SS305   SS305 Combat Bowie Blade
SS307   SS307 Scorpion Blade
SS314   SS314 Tiger Blade
SS317   SS317 Pecos Blade
SS3181   SS3181 Jaguar Blade Only
SS319   SS319 Wolverine Blade
SS320   SS320 Badger Blade
SS322   SS322 Leopard Blade
SS3520   SS3520 Hi-Tech Folder
SS3522   SS3522 Hi-Tech Folder w/ Black Linen Micarta
SS3523   SS3523 Hi-Tech Folder w/ Red Linen Micarta
SS3527   SS3527 Hi-Tech Folder w/ Olive Canvas Micarta
SS426   SS426 Puma Blade
SS427   SS427 Wapiti Gut Hook Blade
SS441   SS441 Choctaw Drop Point Blade
SS441K   SS441K Choctaw Drop Point Brass Kit
SS441N   SS441N Choctaw Drop Point Nickel Silver Kit
SS442   SS442 Cherokee Clip Point Blade
SS442K   SS442K Cherokee Clip Point Brass Kit
SS442N   SS442N Cherokee Clip Point Nickle Silver Kit
SS443   SS443 Chickasaw Skinner Blade
SS443K   SS443K Chickasaw Skinner Brass Kit
SS443N   SS443N Chickasaw Skinner Nickel Silver Kit
SS444   SS444 Razor Edge Boot Blade
SS444D   SS444D Razor Edge Boot Kit
SS444K   SS444K Razor Edge Boot Kit/Black Micarta
SS452   SS452 Sable Skinner Blade
SS456   SS456 Virginia Dagger Blade
SS458   SS458 Sioux Hunter Blade
SS458K   SS458K Sioux Hunter Kit/Brass
SS458N   SS458N Sioux Hunter Kit/Nickel Silver
SS459   SS459 Commando Fighter Blade
SS461   SS461 Apache Hunter Blade
SS461K   SS461K Apache Hunter Brass Kit
SS461N   SS461N Apache Hunter Kit/Nickel Silver
SS463   SS463 Washita Hunter Blade
SS463K   SS463K Washita Hunter Kit
SS464   SS464 Kiowa Hunter Blade
SS464K   SS464K Kiowa Hunter Kit
SS465   SS465 Razorback Blade
SS466   SS466 Comanche Skinner Blade
SS466K   SS466K Comanche Skinner Kit
SS470   SS470 Canadian Skinner Blade
SS471   SS471 Silver Eagle Blade
SS472   SS472 Silver Hawk Blade
SS475   SS475 Alamo Bowie Blade
SS475K   SS475K Alamo Bowie Kit--Brass
SS477   SS477 Muskrat Blade
SS477K   SS477K Muskrat Kit
SS479   SS479 Wolf Blade
SS485   SS485 Crocodile Bowie Blade
SS486   SS486 Appalachian Bowie Blade
SS487   SS487 Gator Bowie Blade
SS495   SS495 Cheyenne Hunter Blade
SS495K   SS495K Cheyenne Hunter Kit/ Brass
SS495N   SS495N Cheyenne Hunter Kit/Nickel Silver
SS501   SS501 Dinner and Steak Knife
SS502   SS502 Dinner Fork
SS503   SS503 Dinner or Soup Spoon
SS509   SS509 Cheese Slicer
SS520   SS520 Gula Blade
SS521   SS521 Rentier Blade
SS522   SS522 Antelope Blade
SS523   SS523 Gnu Blade
SS524   SS524 Steinbock Blade
SS525   SS525 Orion Drop Point Blade
SS530   SS530 Big Game Skinner Blade
SS544   SS544 Woodland Hunter Blade
SS550   SS550 Camp Knife and Fork Kit
SS551   SS551 Camp Fork
SS552   SS552 Camp Knife
SS571   SS571 The Dolphin Blade
SS571K   SS571K Dolphin Kit
SS572   SS572 The Falcon Blade
SS572K   SS572K Falcon Kit
SS600   SS600 Paring Blade
SS601   SS601 Steak Blade
SS602   SS602 Sandwich Blade
SS603   SS603 Butcher blade
SS604   SS604 Chef's Blade
SS605   SS605 Carving Blade
SS606   SS606 Slicer Blade
SS607   SS607 Cleaver Blade
SS608   SS608 Carving Fork
SS621   SS621 Chef's Blade
SS631K   SS631K Bear Paw Hatchet Kit-Satin Finish
SS631S   SS631S Bear Paw Hatchet Satin Finish
SS632   SS632 Yellowstone Blade
SS633   SS633 Bigfoot Skinner Blade
SS635   SS635 Bison Skinner Kit
SS638   SS638 Montana Guthook Blade
SS639   SS639 Dakota Drop Point Blade
SS640   SS640 Idaho Hunter Blade
SS642   SS642 Wyoming Hunter Kit
SS644   SS644 Utah Gut Hook Blade
SS646   SS646 Platte Kit
SS648   SS648 Arizona Skinner Blade
SS649   SS649 Oregon Drop Point Blade
SS650   SS650 Nevada Drop Point Blade
SS650K   SS650K Nevada Drop Point Kit
SS652   SS652 Black Widow
SS653   SS653 Honey Creek Trapper Kit
SS656   SS656 Fallow Locking Liner
SS700   SS700 Red River Trapper Kit
SS710   SS710 Cattlemen's Steak Blades
SS712   SS712 Cattlemen's Steak Blade
SS715   SS715 El Paso Kit
SS723   SS723 VG10 Damascus Little Bighorn Kit
SS724   SS724 VG10 Damascus Bighorn Kit
SS741   SS741 Peanut Kit
SS743   SS743 El Presidente Kit
SS753   SS753 Colorado Locking Liner Kit
SS758   SS758 Polaris Kit
SS760   SS760 Diamond Back Blade
SS761   SS761 Copperhead Blade
SS766   SS766 Stainless Bighorn Kit
SS773   SS773 Blackhawk Kit
SS776   SS776 Whitetail Kit
SS779   SS779 Elk Kit
SS780   SS780 Swallow Tail
SS782   SS782 Kaw Skinner Blade
SS782K   SS782K Kaw Skinner Kit/Brass
SS782N   SS782N Kaw Skinner Kit/Nickel Silver
SS783   SS783 Navajo Skinner Blade
SS783K   SS783K Navajo Skinner Kit/Brass
SS783N   SS783N Navajo Skinner Kit/Nickel Silver
SS800   SS800 Camp Blade
SS800K   SS800K Camp Blade Kit
SS801   SS8011 Complete Traditional Set
SS802   SS802 Contemporary Steak Knife Set
SS807   SS807 Carving Set
SS809   SS809 Complete Prestige Set
SS820   SS820 Cook's Blade
SS821   SS821 Cook's Blade
SS822   SS822 Carver Blade
SS823   SS823 Boner Blade
SS824   SS824 Steak or Cooks Blade
SS825   SS825 Carving Fork
SS827   SS827 Paring Blade
SS828   SS828 Paring Blade
SS829   SS829 Cook's Blade
SS830   SS830 Carver Blade
SS831   SS831 Boning Blade
SS832   SS832 Paring Blade
SS833   SS833 Steak Blade
SS835   SS835 6" Fillet Blade

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