JS500 Kennedy Slip Joint Fixture
JS500 Kennedy Slip Joint Fixture

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Perfectly adjust the rise and fall of all three positions of your slip joint folder blade to make it “walk and talk”. When properly used, the spring will be in perfect height of liners with blade across all three positions. The ingenious spring retracting device allows you to quickly, easily, and safely remove the blade to make adjustments. Dial indicator allows you to set perfect spring tension and amount of material to remove on each axis of the blade for perfect fitting. Simplifies blade fitting to a higher degree of accuracy than rise and fall fixtures. No more guess work.

Thoughtfully designed features include:

  • Precision machining of all parts to assure accurate measurements.
  • Mount to bench using 1/4-20 socket head cap screws (not included).

Hole Alignment Spacers

  • Three Precision Ground Spacers provide a level work surface.
  • Each spacer has 1.5” of parallel alignment along the length of the blade and turns 360° allowing access to multiple holes for maximum flexibility.
  • JS500 Slip Joint Fixture comes standard with 1-1/4” wide spacers with 3/32 and 1/8 setting holes. Includes 3 dowels of each size.
  • Additional Hole Alignment Spacers are available in 5/8” wide or 1/2” wide with 2mm and 1/16 setting holes with 3 dowels of each size.

Dial Indicator

  • 0-1 Dial Indicator reads in 0.001 graduations; includes 0.062 indicator tip and standard round tip.
  • Integrated Design Key easily holds indicator in retracted position during adjustments.
  • Adjusts parallel along the length of the knife allowing you to check spring tension on single or multiple blade design.
  • Height adjustable up to 1/2 to accommodate multi-blade templates.

Spring Actuator

  • Allows safe spring tension reduction while making blade and spring adjustments.
  • Hardened Spring Pull to reduce wear over time for long use.
  • Three-Dimensional adjustment options include front to back, parallel along blade, and height adjustment.
  • Removes easily with included allen wrench to allow for easy indicator measuring during template design.

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