NB1201AL Super Natural - Giraffe Bone
NB1201AL  Super Natural - Giraffe Bone


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turquoise resin impregnated with dyed giraffe bone marrow.
4.5" L x 1.8" W x .47" thickness.

Finish your scales up to a 1000 grit. Apply a very thin layer of super thin glue (CA) -- we recommend Zap A Gap #PT01. You can spray mild CA accelerator like our #PT15 on the scale. Sand again from 400 grit up to 1000 grit. Inspect for lumps of CA and sand until smooth.
Repeat above process with a new coat of CA. You can repeat this process up to 4 times but do not use too much CA to avoid cracking. San until you are happy with the finish. Final finish with Micron sanding paper 4000 grit - our #WD103 and buff lightly on a buffing wheel.

*Can NOT ship outside of the United States*

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