NB1211G6 Super Natural - Giraffe Bone Block
NB1211G6 Super Natural - Giraffe Bone Block

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Supernatural Galaxy Series - Sponge Bone in Gunpowder Blue resin. Block
5.0'' x 2.10'' x 1.18'' inch thickness.

Finish your blocks up to a 1000 grit. Apply a very thin layer of super thin glue (CA) -- we recommend Zap A Gap PT01. You can spray mild CA accelerator like our PT15 on the scale. Sand again from 400 grit up to 1000 grit. Inspect for lumps of CA and sand until smooth.
Repeat above process with a new coat of CA. You can repeat this process up to 4 times but do not use too much CA to avoid cracking. Sand until you are happy with the finish. Final finish with Micron sanding paper 4000 grit - our WD103 and buff lightly on a buffing wheel.

*Can NOT ship outside of the United States*

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