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Stabilized Wood Knife Handles

Knives have had wooden handles for centuries. As with any age-old craft, modern technology offers improvements in the ways that knifemakers ensure the longevity of their works. If you’ve perused online knifemaking forums, you’ve probably heard of the fingernail test for wood: If you press a fingernail into wood and it leaves a mark, the wood will benefit from stabilizing to avert risks of warping or cracking as it ages. In our selection of wooden handle material, you’ll find our latest acquisitions of stabilized woods to choose from for your next knife handle. We also carry Stabilizing resins and vacuum chambers to stabilize your own materials to create a quality knife handle.

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TW195   Stabilized Red Palm Scales TW195 Stabilized Red Palm Scales

Red Palm has a light brown background with contrasting red streaks.
3/8" x 1 1/2" x 5" Scales

Price: $29.95