HW101 Hamon Glop 1 Quart

An outstanding material for differential hardening of your blade. Also know as APG #36 Refractory Cement. our Hamon Glop comes wet and ready to apply (Just stir a bit first) in a convenient quart size container. 3200 temperature degree rating.

Price: $19.94
NBU104 Giraffe Bone Scales

Approximate Minimum size: 1.2" x 4.5" x 0.20" *Photo is just an example of possible colors and patterns.*

*Can NOT ship outside of the United States*

Price: $32.40
J3158 Jantz Pattern 31 CPM 154 Satin

Jantz Pattern 31 made with CPM154 stainless steel featuring a satin finish. Flat ground and cryogenically processed during heat treating for optimal edge holding capability. HCR: 59-60 Overall length 7-5/8", Blade length 3", blade width 1-1/8", blade thickness 5/32". Bolster holes 1/8", handle holes 1/4" thong hole 1/4". Available Bolsters: K311 3/16" Brass, K316 3/16" Stainless, K313 1/4" Brass, K314 1/4" Stainless, K315 1/4" Nickel Silver. Available sheath: KT310

Price: $37.95
JSED1 LCD Digital Caliper

Stainless steel hardened frame with graduated scale and thumb roll. 4-way measurement: inside, outside, depth, step. Accuracy .001 per 6". Has a large LCD display window for easy reading. Inch/metric conversion or reading at the switch of a button. Gunsmith measuring.

Price: $38.95
Ken Jantz - founder of Jantz Supply - working on prototype for a new product.