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Jantz Professional Knife Sharpening Wheels

Read Instructions Carefully Before Using

Proper maintenance of your knife blade ensures that your product lasts in tip-top condition. One of the rewards of crafting the perfect artisan knife is being able to observe your hard work every time you use your knife. You’ve worked so diligently to craft a beautiful and practical work of art. So why not make sure that your knife lasts you a long time. This requires proper care such as polishing, protecting and sharpening your knife. With Jantz professional knife sharpening wheels you can ensure that your knife remains in optimal condition.

Prepare Your Wheels

  1. The silicon gritted wheel is for sharpening. Apply a very light touch of lubricant (pink grease) to help protect from heat buildup. Be careful not to over lubricate, as this can clog the grit and prevent the cutting process necessary for sharpening.

  2. Use a piece of scrap metal to remove any extra lubricant and excess silicon grit. An old knife or worn file works well for this process.

  3. Apply white rouge to the slotted polishing wheel by holding stick of compound lightly to the wheel as it turns on the motor shaft. The compound should melt onto the wheel. Re-apply as necessary, do not use the wheel without a good base of compound on the wheel.

  4. Recondition as needed. When the sharpening wheel stops cutting, it is time to recondition!


  1. With motor running, use 80 grit no-fil sandpaper to remove any remaining grease, grit, and glue. Take care not to damage the wheel by cutting into the wheel or sanding beyond the surface.
  2. Follow with 600 grit sandpaper to smooth and clean wheel.
  3. Pour silicon grit onto paper. Coat wheel lightly and evenly with sizing glue.
  4. Roll wheel in silicon grit covering completely.
  5. Lightly tap edge to remove excess grit and make sure all wheel is coated evenly.
  6. Allow it to dry completely (we suggest overnight).
  7. If slots in your finishing wheel fill up, clean with a hacksaw blade or other thin blade edge.

IMPORTANT to Keep In Mind:

  • Make sure the wheel turns down and away from you.
  • Never pull your knife off the edge of the wheel. Lift up.
  • Never turn the knife edge into the wheel.
  • Use eye protection.
  • Wear proper clothing.

Sharpen Your Knife

  1. Place your knife edge on the grit wheel at a 20-degree angle.
  2. Using a light, even pressure, pull the entire length of the knife edge lightly across the wheel.
  3. Repeat this process an even number of times on each side of the blade until metal binding appears on the edge.
  4. Now switch to the slotted polishing wheel prepared with rouge. Using moderate pressure, buff each side until the metal edge is removed.

REMEMBER: Never turn the edge of the blade into the wheel.

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