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Enhance your vision with a magnifying glass or an optivisor, to help with the more detailed work on your project
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OVLP     Optiloupe OVLP Optiloupe

Optional attachment adds 2 1/2 power, for close inspection work. It easily attaches to optivisor lens plate.

Price: $9.95
OV30923     Pocket Magifiers OV30923 Pocket Magifiers

Coddington magnifier double lenses mounted in chrome plated case. 23mm 10x magnification.

Price: $13.95
DT1304    Magnifer Lamp DT1304 Magnifer Lamp

Made of the finest grade high-speed steel.

Price: $19.95
OVLT06    Visor Light OVLT06 Visor Light

Mounts on visor for hands free light. Xenon laserbeam emits 6,000 candle power. Battery pack requires 2AA batteries and includes a 10 inch cord for mounting on visor.

Price: $22.95
OVDA3     Optivisor #3 OVDA3 Optivisor #3

power  1-3/4   distance  14

Optivisor is the best made magnifier available. The adjustable headband will fit any head size and is easily worn over glasses. An adjustable pivot assembly holds the visor in place when tilted. Lenses are ground and polished prismatic glass.

Price: $39.95