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Zero Flute, Five Flute and Hand Countersinks
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GN196 Hand Reamer/Countersink GN196 Hand Reamer/Countersink

Ideal for countersinking wood, plastic, and polymers or deburing plastic, copper, iron, pipe, and other metals.

Price: $11.49
GN195 Countersink GN195 Countersink

The rose pattern flutes assure chatter free countersinking of steel, brass, aluminum, plastic, wood, and more.

Price: $11.95
RA600     Zero Flute Countersink RA600 Zero Flute Countersink

The zero flute 82° countersink is the proper tool to countersink the flat head Torx screws used in folder kits The single cutting edge cuts chatter free, also used to debur and chamfer pre-drilled holes.

Price: $12.95