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WV1194     Lacing Needle WV1194 Lacing Needle

LOK-EYE lacing needle holds lace securely. Takes seconds to thread. For lace up to 1/8" in diameter. Pkg of 10.

Price: $4.95
WV8065     Diamod Single Prong Punch WV8065 Diamod Single Prong Punch

Superior quality one piece forged steel construction for punching holes for sewing or lacing.

Price: $11.95
WV3132 Lacing/Stitching Pony WV3132 Lacing/Stitching Pony

Finish projects faster using our lacing pony. Holds the item firmly in place so uou can use both hands for lacing or sewig. Three inch grip. Lacing pony strands 15-1/2" tall with locking wing-nut to securely hold projects. leather not included.

Price: $31.95