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Create unique handles or other projects from these armadillo scales.
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ARU100 Natural Armadillo Shoulder ARU100 Natural Armadillo Shoulder

Armadillo scales taken from the shoulder and cut into a half circle shape make for a unique project piece.

Price: $44.95
ARU200 Natural Big Pie Armadillo ARU200 Natural Big Pie Armadillo

These Armadillo Scales are from various parts of the Armadillo Shell and are usually the most unique in markings. They have been cut into a "BIG PIE" shape for a wide range of uses.

Price: $44.95
ARU400 Natural Half Pie Armadillo (Small) ARU400 Natural Half Pie Armadillo (Small)

These natural colored Armadillo Shell scales are sure to catch the attention on the piece they are displayed on. Cut into medium sized "pie slices" bring so many options to your workbench.

Price: $44.95
ARU600 Natural Small Straight ARU600 Natural Small Straight

These natural colored straight cut Armadillo Scales are smaller in stature with a bigger punch. Each piece is as individual as the next but will surely give your project a distinguishing feature.

Price: $44.95
ARU300 Natural Tooth\Rib Armadillo ARU300 Natural Tooth\Rib Armadillo

These Armadillo Scales taken from the rib region are the MOST SOUGHT AFTER piece of the Armadillo Shell with large tooth-like pattern on the scales.

Price: $57.95