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Knife Handle Accessories - Fasteners, Guards & Pommels

Learn about the various types of practical and decorative accessories available for knife making. Here at Jantz Supply, we offer the best assortment of knife handle accessories around for both professional knife making and personal knife projects.

Knife guards and pommels are the most sought-after accessories for knife-making projects. Knife pommels are securely fastened to the knife at the end of the knife’s handle. Available in round, pointed, tapered and other styles, they are an easy way to finish a knife with an ornamental flair. Knife guards are situated where the blade meets the handle. They are both decorative and essential for the longevity of your knife, as they keep your fingers protected if the knife should slip. Knife-making rivets attach the handles to your knife for a snug, secure fit. Check out our complete selection of fasteners for knives, including rivets, pins and screws.

  • Guards

    add a guard to your knife!
  • Pommels

    Brass or nickel silver, available drilled and tapped to specified sizes, or left solid
  • Rivets and Fasteners

    Rivets, Pins, Screws, and Rivet Drills
  • Spacers

    Break up the monotony with a spacer!
  • Tubing

    Thong Tubing and other Tubes
  • Mosaic Pins & Tubes

    Handcrafted Knifemaking Mosaic Pins Supplies

    Mosaic knife pins and tubes do more than rest on your knife and look pretty. They complete the aesthetic of your design and hold your work together for quality you can trust. Form and function come together in our selection of handcrafted mosaic pins. Designed to hold your knife together while adding a decorative flair, each mosaic knife decoration we carry is handmade from brass or nickel silver. Jantz Supply offers mosaic pins in a variety of attractive styles and diameters. Find the right size of mosaic pins and tubes online now!

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CP684 Copper Corby Rivet 1/4" Head x 1" Length CP684 Copper Corby Rivet 1/4" Head x 1" Length

Our most popular screw together rivet. Precision machined for a perfect fit every time. Each head is slotted for easy countersinking handle material perfectly in one operation. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

Price: $2.45
Slotted Guard Slotted Guard

Double brass guard 1/8" x 3/4" x 1-1/2". Slot size is .100" x .325"

Price: $7.45