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Every knife you make, whether for your own kitchen or for your customer’s hunting trip, needs a secure handle to get the job done. Jantz Supply carries an exciting variety of natural and synthetic materials for making knife handles. Our natural materials are so familiar, you’ve probably seen them in your own backyard, such as pinecone and other types of wood for knife handles. Our exotic natural knife handle materials are imported all the way from South Africa and include giraffe bone.

Synthetic composites like micarta handle material are built layer upon layer for maximum durability. Originally designed for electrical work, micarta offers acid- and oil-resistant grip for reliable performance over time and in challenging conditions. Durable, lightweight and resistant to moisture, G-10 knife handles are made from fiberglass reinforced with epoxy resin. Paracord, which is gaining popularity as a fashion accessory, is also a popular synthetic material for knife making. No matter whether you opt for natural or synthetic knife handle materials, Jantz Supply carries only the best. Shop the full selection here!

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SL101   Stacked Birch Bark SL101 Stacked Birch Bark

These birch bark shingles make an especially unique handle for your hidden tang blade. Each set measures approximately 4.5" and is nicely matched for color and figure. Once handle is shaped can be sealed traditionally by soaking in Linspeed Oil (LS101) for several weeks. For a faster seal, use Thin CA Glue (JE204) to set your material.

Price: $18.95